Jake the Snake Roberts reveals why his match vs Hulk Hogan never made to worldwide TV

Jake Roberts was an original in a sea of flamboyant personalities. Different from others, he stands out with his powerful promos and ring psychology. There might have been setting for an epic rivalry between him and Hulk Hogan, but it never happened.

Despite never winning WWE championship, Jake received enormous fan affection. The Hall of Famer recently explained the surprise cancellation of his rivalry with Hulk Hogan. He had several conversations with the host, but the cancellation of the TV match was the most engaging.

Jake Roberts reveals nixed plans for Hogan match

Jake Roberts’ edginess made him stand out among the cast of bland characters. His in-ring psychology was unrivaled, as were his promos. If Hulk Hogan and Jake were to have their long-rumored feud, it might have defined an era. The idea was abandoned after a few short months, and the two never engaged in a rivalry on WWE television or anyplace else.

Jake Roberts
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Hogan and Roberts temporarily collaborated in 1986 in preparation for Roberts’s world championship attempt. The narrative was discontinued, and they parted ways. Jake said in an interview that he used the DDT, his signature finishing move, on Hulk Hogan during a recorded segment. Instead of cheering for Hogan, the audience started chanting “DDT! DDT!” in favor of Roberts.

Because of the unexpected response, Vince McMahon decided to scrap the match between Hogan and Roberts. Roberts mentioned in the interview that WWE frustrated him by not wanting the villain Roberts to have a greater positive response than the adored Hogan. He said, “But the people started chanting DDT, DDT, and Vince said, we can’t have that. So, therefore, it was nixed.”

Jake shares story of him wrestling in front of 12 people

Famed wrestler and snake carrier Jake Roberts recently discussed some of the most out-of-the-ordinary venues he’s competed in. Jake told Wrestling News. co’s Steve Fall about his wrestling in a Japanese department store named Cockfighting, 25 stories above, in front of a crowd of only 12.

Jake Roberts
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Jake said that the event was “pretty odd,” adding the fact that only around 12 people showed up for the whole wrestling show made it crazier. Finally, I learned that the building owner had paid for the performance since he had requested it for himself and his family. I have one more for you. A cockfighting encampment, to be precise.

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