Jets’ Aaron Rodgers playfully supports former Packers teammate with eye patch gesture

Aaron Rodgers made a big move this season; he left his 18-year-old team and signed with the New York Jets. While the QB was traded with the hopes of ending the playoff drought of the Jets and helping them win a Super Bowl, he got injured and sidelined in the first game of the regular season. 

There were speculations that the quarterback was recovering soon and would make a comeback in mid-December. However, recently, Rodgers was spotted with an eye patch, leading to concerns about his return.

Rodgers sports eye patch on Pat McAfee Show in nod to Hawk

Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets’ quarterback, made a guest appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. During the show, he sported an eye patch, causing concern among fans. While many fans were thinking that the quarterback had another injury, the QB revealed that he wore the eye patch just to support AJ Hawk. 

Aaron Rodgers
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The eye patch was a playful gesture in support of his former Green Bay Packers teammate, AJ Hawk. AJ Hawk is an analyst on the show and had been wearing an eye patch and sunglasses due to an injury caused by his son accidentally poking his eye.

Aaron Rodgers explained that he and AJ fashioned the eye patch together as a show of “solidarity.”

“We just fashioned this together. Just now. Just for you buddy.”

The quarterback also made fun of his friend’s injury, stating, “Injuries that happen at the house, there’s always some mystery, some shrouds of mystery around them. So, I guess we have to take AJ’s word for it on this one. But it could be a bedroom injury is all I’m saying.”

Fans can relax as the quarterback is fine and has no problems in his eye. His Achilles injury is also quite better, as he was spotted a few days back throwing the ball in the stadium. We hope the QB will soon make a return and help the Jets perform better in the upcoming games.

How long did A.J. Hawk and Aaron Rodgers play together?

AJ Hawk and Aaron Rodgers played together for the Green Bay Packers. They joined the Packers as first-round picks in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Aaron Rodgers
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They were teammates in the Green Bay locker room until 2014. Recently, Pat McAfee asked AJ Hawk about any communication with Aaron Rodgers after his Achilles injury.

Hawk remained cautious not to compromise their friendship, stating he hadn’t heard anything about Rodgers’ retirement or comeback plans.

“My opinion is I think and I would hope that he’s gonna play next year.”

McAfee pressed Hawk for more details, suggesting journalism, to which Hawk emphasized the need to distinguish between journalism, friendship, and sources.

“There’s journalism, there’s friends and there’s sources,” Hawk answered. “I’ve gotta figure out what’s what, right?”

The way Hawk didn’t reveal the secrets of his friend is a testament to their off-field friendship. Hawk and Rodgers were not only teammates but are still excellent friends. Their friendship was proven once again when Rodgers wore an eye patch to support Hawk.


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