One Cristiano Ronaldo word scratched off $4,000,000,000 market worth of Coca-Cola

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar, stands as one of the most influential sports personalities globally and holds the title of the most followed individual on social media, boasting a significant 886 million followers across all platforms. Additionally, the Al-Nassr forward ranks as the highest-paid footballer in 2023, according to Forbes. 

Ronaldo’s enduring career and unwavering competitiveness are indisputable examples of his peak professionalism and work ethic, with much credit going to his strict diet and routine. Additionally, his influence was evident in an incident where he significantly decreased the share value of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola lost $4bn market worth after Ronaldo’s gesture

The former Real Madrid talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo, made a shocking exit from Manchester United following a mutually agreed contract termination due to his feud with Eric Ten Hag. He later joined the Saudi Pro League side Al-Nassr in January earlier this year. 


Evidently, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s move to the Middle East encouraged a large exodus of other prominent names in European football, prompting a notable shift to Saudi Pro League clubs. His influence is undeniable, undoubtedly changing the landscape of the Saudi Arabian League and attracting millions of eyeballs and followers.

At EURO 2020, in a pre-match press conference before Portugal’s group-stage clash against Hungary, the Portuguese captain addressed the media by moving a couple of Coca-Cola bottles that were placed on the table out of the frame. Instead, he opted for a bottle of water, emphasizing ‘água’ in his native Portuguese.

The former Juventus and Manchester United star Ronaldo made a small but impactful gesture by endorsing water at the Euro. This move had consequences for the American soft drink giant Coca-Cola, the official sponsor of the tournament, as they estimated a drop of $4 billion worth of shares in the market, marking a 1.6% loss. 

Examining Ronaldo’s diet plan

Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as an advocate for nutritious eating and a healthy lifestyle. His strict adherence to a disciplined diet and recovery routine has kept him in peak physical condition, defying his age at 38. His athleticism and outstanding performances continue to deliver match-winning results at the professional level at his age when most players retire. 


Ronaldo adheres to a well-balanced diet and daily routine meticulously planned by his personal dietician. His eating plan emphasizes foods rich in protein and low in saturated fat and calories, promoting muscle development and recovery. Whole grains and carbohydrates are ensured every three hours to sustain energy levels. In addition to his dietary regimen, Ronaldo incorporates cardio and high-intensity training and prioritizes proper sleep to take care of his mental well-being.

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