Jason Kelce believes NFL will be ‘foolish’ not to show Taylor Swift during Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl clash

The romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has sparked widespread conversations within the NFL and the sports community. This chatter intensifies as the Chiefs chase their second consecutive championship in Super Bowl LVIII. In fact, Travis Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce is among those celebrating Swift’s growing presence.

The Philadelphia Eagles center recently talked about Taylor Swift’s presence in the NFL games and applauded her positive impact. 

Jason Kelce talks on Taylor Swift’s impact on NFL fans

Jason Kelce expressed admiration for Taylor Swift, defending her against criticism regarding the attention she is drawing at NFL games due to her relationship with his brother, Travis Kelce. Jason emphasized Swift’s immense talent as a singer-songwriter, considering her the best artist in the world.

“She’s a world star. She’s the quintessential artist right now in the world—singer-songwriter, immensely talented.”

Kelce also defended the NFL’s decision to showcase Taylor Swift during games, stating that the attention is a reflection of the audience’s interest in her. Describing Swift as an unbelievable role model for young women globally, Jason Kelce believes the NFL should showcase her to inspire young girls.

“The attention is there because the audience wants to see it. An unbelievable role model for young women across the globe. I think the NFL would be foolish not to show her and be a role model for all the young girls out there.”

Taylor Swift’s significant impact on the NFL is evident as a report recently claimed that the NFL and the Chiefs earned a $330 million revenue boost and increased female viewership since her relationship with Travis began in September 2023.

However, not everyone has been supportive of Swift’s presence at NFL games. Some believe that Taylor Swift is a distraction for Travis Kelce, and some say she is stealing the coverage from football. Despite all the criticism, the ‘Karma’ singer continued supporting her boyfriend by attending the Chiefs game and now she is also expected to attend the Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Kelce enjoys quality time with his kids

Jason Kelce is in Orlando for the NFL Pro Bowl Games as a member of the NFC team. Kelce participated in the ‘snapshots’ challenge during the opening night, attempting to long snap a ball through targets of varying sizes for 1-5 points. 

Despite the Pro Bowl commitments, Kelce prioritized spending quality time with his family. A video posted by the Eagles on social media showed Jason Kelce and his daughters, Wyatt and Elliotte, playing on an obstacle course set up on the field inside Camping World Stadium.

Kelce’s wife, Kylie, was also present on the field. Pictures captured the family, including their youngest child Bennett, posing together.

The Kelces also enjoyed a day at Disney World on Friday. Jason expressed his excitement about the Pro Bowl being in Orlando, providing an opportunity to take his kids to Walt Disney World.

“I don’t even know what you do in the Pro Bowl anymore. But it’s down in Orlando so I get to take my kids to Walt Disney World,” Jason said per the Daily Mail.

Jason Kelce
Via SportsKeeda

In addition to the ‘snapshots’ challenge, Kelce took part in the NFL Pro Bowl Games skill showdown. It is still not confirmed whether Jason will play next season or not. While he was expected to retire after the 2023 season, some fans believe he wants to take a U-turn like Tom Brady.

What are your thoughts on Jason Kelce’s future in the NFL?

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