Jets QB Aaron Rodgers receives warm reception from Rangers fans at MSG

The world of sports is a beautiful thing that brings people together. It’s always heartwarming to see athletes from different teams and sports support each other. Recently, Aaron Rodgers attended a hockey game at Madison Square Garden to show his support for the New York Rangers. His presence was met with a warm reception from the Rangers’ fans, making it clear that the city is ready to embrace him as one of their own.

Aaron Rodgers, the renowned quarterback who was recently acquired by the New York Jets, spent his first week in the city enjoying its famous attractions. At Madison Square Garden, the veteran player alongside Jets teammates Breece Hall and Allen Lazard, Rodgers cheered on the New York Rangers as they played against the New Jersey Devils in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference First Round. 

The crowd at Madison Square Garden gave him a warm welcome, as they erupted into a loud ovation when he was displayed on the jumbotron. 

New York Sports Community Shows Support for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers even joined in on the fun, singing along to the Rangers’ goal song. After his successful visit to the Garden, it’s clear that New York City has been eagerly anticipating his arrival to the Jets.

It’s always a special moment when athletes from different teams come together to support each other. The warm reception that Aaron Rodgers received from the New York Rangers’ fans at Madison Square Garden is a testament to the bond that exists within the sports community. 

As the veteran NFL player begins his journey with the New York Jets, it’s clear that he has already won over the hearts of New Yorkers. The city is eagerly waiting to see what he brings to the table and is ready to support him every step of the way.

What do you think Aaron Rodgers’ presence will bring to the New York Jets, and how do you think the sports community in New York City will continue to support him and his team?


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