“He’s a guy I thought was pretty significantly underrated”: Ex-Louisville QB Malik Cunningham’s Patriots signing shows great fit for team

The New England Patriots have always been known for their ability to identify hidden gems in the NFL Draft and undrafted free agent market. And they may have found another diamond in the rough in Malik Cunningham, the former quarterback at the University of Louisville.

Despite not being selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, Cunningham has already made headlines by signing with the Patriots as an undrafted free agent. His signing shows that he could be a perfect fit for the team.

Following their 12 selections in the 2023 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots did not make many moves in the undrafted free agent market. However, they did make one notable addition to their quarterback room by signing Malik Cunningham, who played for Louisville in college. 

The Patriots will now focus on evaluating their undrafted rookie prospects after completing the draft. Cunningham’s signing is particularly intriguing due to his unique abilities as a quarterback, which could make him a valuable asset to the team.

How is Malik Cunningham  a great addition to the team?

Malik Cunningham

Malik Cunningham is former quarterback at the University of Louisville. He is one of 13 former Cardinals who did not get drafted this year, but he is the first to sign a UDFA deal. 

Although he had a slightly disappointing 2022 season due to injuries, he still managed to break several Louisville records. During his college career, he threw for 9,664 yards and rushed for 3,184 yards, ranking fourth and third in school history, respectively. 

He also accounted for 120 touchdowns, which is the most in Louisville history, surpassing Lamar Jackson’s previous record. Cunningham’s best season was in 2021 when he threw for 2,941 yards and rushed for 1,031 yards while recording a total of 39 touchdowns.

He is a great player and fans can set high hopes on him. Only time will tell if Malik Cunningham can make an impact for the New England Patriots. But his signing as an undrafted free agent shows that the team is always looking for talented players who may have been overlooked by other teams. And if Cunningham can tap into his potential and find success in the NFL, he could be yet another example of the Patriots’ ability to find hidden gems and turn them into stars.

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