“You are ruining your reputation by promoting junk”: Khamzat Chimaev receives criticism after endorsing first Islamic Cryptocurrency

Khamzat Chimaev, an unbeaten welterweight fighter in the UFC, recently shared a video on Twitter  in which he presented an Islamic cryptocurrency. But Borz supporters harshly mocked him and slammed him for introducing something that goes against the Islamic law rather than focusing on his next fight. 

How was Khamzat Chimaev criticized for introducing an Islamic cryptocurrency?

Adeel Habib, a freelance journalist clearly thinks Khamzat made a bad move as he said, “You are ruining your reputation by promoting junk.” 

Cayman requested Borz to save his reputation while he can by saying, “This is a scam brother! Keep away from scam crypto and save your reputation. Don’t throw your fans to the wolves. Allah doesn’t like scammers.”

“It is halal, a small prayer is uttered every time a coin is generated. Also, a lot of prayers will be uttered once the price goes to zero.” a user commented. 

Usama also criticized the Swedish fighter as he said, “Bad move bro, bad move. Nothing Islamic abt crypto. Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham, thats Islam. Shame on you bro.” 

“We the investors have been waiting for more than two years. You’ve put us off enough. We understand you stole us… but continuing to advertise will not happen. Khamzat we love u , but dont be part of scams.” another user said. 

Vector considering the whole thing a scam requested Khamzat to stay away from it as he said,” Chimaev brother look at their page, specifically read the comments, very possibly a big scam, may Allah guide and protect us all. ”

According to Scott Kearney it is a big bad move for the undefeated fighter as he said, “Dude I like you as a fighter (smesh) Bros. , however careful what you endorse. Crypto is tenious at best as an investment. Celebrities are being put to account for endorsing know pyramid schemes etc. Allah needs crytpto. Really ? Is it not a sin to profit off the misery of others. ”

Another user also raised the question why still there’s no fight announcement from Khamzat yet as he said, “Rather than concentrating on this kind of thing, how about going and smashing some fighters, why is your name not being linked to Adeysanya as the next opponent, you need a title fight, not bitcoin sponsorship.” 

Samri also mocked Borz by saying, “lil bro knows hes losing to costa and hype train derailed so he has to cash in in other avenues as ufc isnt for him.”

Do you concur that it was a poor choice on Khamzat Chimaev’s part? Let us know what you think in the comment area. 


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