“Charles Olivera was just doing horse race now Khamzat Chimaev doing Uber”: Fans ecstatic as video of UFC star driving with three girls goes viral

Khamzat Chimaev is no stranger to making waves in the UFC world with his unconventional antics. Recently, the undefeated fighter has taken on a new role as an Uber driver, leaving fans in stitches. While some poked fun at Chimaev for not having any fights booked, others couldn’t resist joking about his catchphrase, “Everybody everybody.”

In a viral video posted on Instagram by Standemup, three women were caught off guard when they realized their driver was none other than the UFC star himself. The video quickly gained attention from fans, who couldn’t resist making witty comments about Chimaev’s latest venture.

Khamzat Chimaev

From Side Quests to Side Hustles: Chimaev’s Unconventional Moves Leave UFC Fans in Stitches

One fan compared Khamzat’s Uber driving to Charles Oliveira’s recent participation in a horse race, asking why UFC fighters are going on “side quests.” Another fan pointed there is nothing new about the trend of UFC fighters looking for “side hustles,” suggesting that the UFC should pay their fighters better.

Of course, there were plenty of jokes about Chimaev’s fighting skills, with one fan joking that he was going to “kill all three women” in the car. Another fan mimicked Borz’s accent, while others noted his love for French music.

Despite the lighthearted banter, rumors are swirling that the Swede’s next fight might be against Paulo Costa. After missing weight at UFC 279, Chimaev moved up to middleweight, and Costa has confirmed that the fight is in the works. Fans and critics alike are now eagerly anticipating the possible matchup, which could take place in October in Abu Dhabi.



While Chimaev’s Uber driving might be a temporary gig, it’s clear that the UFC world can’t get enough of this rising star. Whether he’s taking on opponents in the Octagon or driving unsuspecting passengers around town, “wolf” in Chechen is always sure to keep things interesting.

Chimaev’s not-so-conventional behavior has certainly made him a fan favorite, and his super impressive record of 12 victories and zero losses has solidified his position as one of the greatest fighters in the UFC. However, his recent weight miss at UFC 279 drew criticism from other MMA fighters, who accused him of ruining the business of the UFC.


Khamzat Chimaev and his Drive for Success: The Fighter Who Takes the Wheel

Despite the setback, Chimaev remains determined to prove himself in the ring. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next fight, which could be against the tough Brazilian fighter Paulo Costa. In the meantime, Khamzat’s Uber driving has given fans a glimpse into the more lighthearted side of the fighter.  As for the three women who unwittingly found themselves in Chimaev’s car, they probably had no idea who their driver was. 

Khamzat’s latest antics are just another example of how he continues to surprise and entertain fans both in and out of the ring. Whether he’s fighting in the UFC or driving for Uber, Chimaev is always sure to make headlines and keep fans on their toes.

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