“This is sickening”: Fans mock UFC fighter Ben Askren following unpleasant remark on his wife

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren appears to be facing major fan wrath for allegedly failing to properly phrase his caption. Ben recently tweeted a picture of his family in which he mentioned something that supposedly caused a lot of confusion among his followers. 

“I’ve seen some guys posting on social media lately about how they are winning bc their wife is attractive, while I don’t disagree I think finding a wife who is a great mother is 500% more important!!! Thanks Amy Askren for being such a great mom to our kids.” Ben tweeted. 

How did fans react to the statement made by Ben Askren about his wife? 

The internet can be entertaining, and Ben now realizes more than anyone how he should have written his remark about his wife. MMA fans reacted fast to his remark, taking a shot at the experienced fighter. 

“All he needed to add was an “and” in there somewhere and it would only come across in a positive way. He tried, I guess.” said Danny Shannon

“Wait you haven’t deleted this yet? Are you still married? Does she have twitter? Does she know you inadvertently called her unattractive? I have so many questions.” a user commented.  

“I’m not here to make assumptions but please can you name something you like about your wife that doesn’t involve her looks or duties?  said Kayla Fussell. 

Another user understood what Ben tried to mean as he said,”Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. To me, my wife is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, and if someone feels differently, I couldn’t care less. I’m sure you feel the same about your wife.” 

“I think she is pretty! He really stepped in it. I know he wasn’t trying to imply he married an unattractive woman.. just highlighting her attributes as a mother.. but ouch.”Daphne commented. 

A user hilariously mocked Ben for his remark stating, “He wants to make you famous Abamaby. Isn’t that cute? So what if you are not his Barbie, but you’re a great mom! so there’s that. Also Ben, Dain Bramaged.”

“Ben, please delete this.I get what you meant.We all get what you meant.But the next 96 hours of your life are gonna be HELL bc she won’t get it. Just delete it.” another user commented. 

Another user found the tweet extremely outrageous as he said, “Why even tweet this man wtf, could have just said my wife is a great mother and I love her. Would have made a much better statement you even tagged her and now she is holding public embarrassment. Outrageous. ” 

How did Ben’s wife Amy Askren reacted to the tweet?

Ben may have meant what he said, or he may have simply failed to articulate himself correctly; only he can clarify his statement. However, his wife, Amy, seemed to be entirely fine with what Ben stated, despite the fact that many people may find it insulting in many ways. 

“hahah its ok I know what he’s trying to say. And it’s a much better compliment than “being pretty”. I hope our daughters aspire to love people well and not seek their value in the way they look. Thanks Ben Askren . And I love you for more than your pretty face too.” Amy Askren said in a comment. 

What is your opinion on the controversy surrounding Ben Askren’s tweet about his wife, and how do you think he could have better phrased his statement to avoid the backlash?

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