Why did Ryan Garcia and Canelo Alvarez’s relationship turn into rivalry? exploring reasons turned teammates into enemies

Ryan Garcia and Canelo were the closest pals of the boxing community who had enjoyed a great friendship over the years. While attending training sessions under Eddy Reynoso, their ‘Bromance’ got deeper and the duo developed a bond filled with mutual respect and affection.

However, things between them turned sour and took an ugly turn with time. So, let’s explore the reasons behind why the teammates turned into enemies.

Why did Ryan Garcia and Canelo Alvarez’s relationship turn into rivalry?

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who bagged the 2021 WBC interim lightweight Championship. On the other hand, Canelo Alvarez is a boxer too who has shown his potential in multiple weight divisions, from light middleweight to light heavyweight.

The initiation of their beef happened when Ryan decided to move aside from the supervision of Eddy Reynoso. The champion claimed that he wasn’t receiving enough attention and care from the trainer which is detrimental to his career. So, he decided to leave him.

Canelo was hurt by Garcia’s comment that he spoke out publicly about the legendary trainer and he also raised questions over the morality and work ethic of Kingry. At this Ryan later said, “I don’t know why he talked to the press before he talked to me. He turned his back on me. I don’t think he appreciated me as much as he seemed to.”

Ryan Garcia takes a 'dig' at former training partner, Canelo Alvarez, after  losing to Dmitry Bivol

The situation was exacerbated when the athletes started attacking themselves on Twitter and passing criticism directly. Some allegations were brought to light by the Mexican boxer that Garcia and his dad owes money to Eddy which added more fuel to the ongoing fire.

However, rivalry is not an uncommon phenomenon in the sporting world but when two close ties become each other’s foe, it is very unfortunate. But who knows, this duo might forget the bitterness between them in the future and become friends again like before.

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