Jey Uso looks unhappy with Randy Orton revealed to be surprise addition to WarGames team for WWE Survivor Series

The ongoing feud between The Judgment Day and Cody Rhodes took a dramatic turn on today’s Monday Night Raw as Randy Orton was announced as the fifth member of Team Cody for the upcoming Men’s WarGames match at Survivor Series. 

This announcement from Cody Rhodes shocked the fans and the members of Team Cody except Jey Uso, who seemed unhappy with Randy Orton being revealed as a surprise addition to the WarGames team for WWE Survivor Series.

Cody Rhodes reveals Randy Orton the final WarGames member

On November 6 Raw episode after the brawl between the Judgement day and Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn, the general Manager of Raw Adam Pearce announced that there will be a war games match at the Survivor Series.

Last week on Raw Finn Balor and Damien Priest defended their tag-team titles against Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. During the match Drew Mcintyre made an interference and attacked Jey Uso and made a hand shake with Rhea Ripley. This made a statement that Drew has joined the Judgement Day.

On today’s Raw episode, Drew confirmed that he didn’t join the Judgment Day. However, he will still be in the Judgment Day War Games match. This made Cody look for the fifth member for their team. At the end of the show, Randy Orton was revealed as the fifth member of Team Cody in the Survivor Series War Games match.

Jey Uso looks unhappy with Randy Orton in his team

Randy’s return made a huge pop among the fans as the 14-time world champion is returning to WWE after a year. Orton has been absent from WWE TV since May 2022 due to a serious back injury.

While Jimmy Uso was the one who accidentally injured Randy Orton, Jey Uso was also involved in the incident. Jey Uso’s expression showed his disapproval. It is not clear why Uso is unhappy with Orton in his team.

Uso was not pleased with Orton’s addition to the team, and his expression showed his disapproval. He feels that Orton is not a good fit for the team or that he is taking the spotlight away from him. Whatever the reason for Uso’s unhappiness, it is clear that Orton’s return has added an extra layer of intrigue to the WarGames match at Survivor Series. Orton is a major star with a huge fan base, and his addition to the team is sure to make the match even more unpredictable.


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