Despite being convinced of “whooping” Sheamus in real fight, Conor McGregor revealed the reason for respecting his fellow Irishman

After facing off against Edge in August, Sheamus is almost ready to make his ring comeback. He had to take time off owing to a “really bad” shoulder ailment. Sheamus’s story was brought to light by a viral interview with Conor McGregor as he awaited his WWE return.

It’s no coincidence that both Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, and Conor McGregor, the former UFC champion, are Irish. McGregor’s admiration for Sheamus, which he voiced in an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2014, is an unusual link between the WWE and the UFC.

Conor McGregor disclosed intriguing story about Sheamus

Former two-division UFC champion and master of the trash talk, Conor McGregor, and WWE’s Sheamus engaged in an online rivalry. In 2014, McGregor told a story about their time together filming “The Escapist.” Sheamus played the primary role, while McGregor played a supporting one; over time, the two began collaborating and exchanging ideas.

Mystic Mac has been skeptical and supportive of WWE performers, and he has spoken highly of his encounter with Sheamus before the latter’s career with the company. They worked together as extras in a jail scenario, when Sheamus expressed his WWE dreams. McGregor didn’t take it seriously at first, but a few months later, he was pleasantly delighted to see Sheamus as WWE Champion.

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In the interview with Sports Illustrated, Conor said, “As far as competitive fighting i’s whoop his a*s. This is real here what I would. It would be no contest. But I have. I have much respect for the guy. He went and said he was gonna do something.”

On set, Sheamus had mentioned joining WWE in the United States, and the Irish UFC superstar was shocked to see Sheamus holding the belt on television just a few months later.

Sheamus issued challenge to Conor McGregor

Sheamus and McGregor fighting is a very improbable scenario. Although Sheamus was already a well-known Irish fighter, McGregor’s success in the UFC has catapulted him to stardom. At the age of 34, McGregor has hinted at a possible WWE career and even had some words with the company’s current champion, Roman Reigns.

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Sheamus made disparaging comments about McGregor in a TMZ video, and the two got into an argument. Sheamus responded with confidence when asked whether he could defeat McGregor. Sheamus made a sarcastic remark about McGregor’s drinking and kicking skills.

As a joke, he said they would both “turn to dust” in the ring. Sheamus is currently sidelined with an injury, and his status for a return to the WWE is unclear. Discuss your thoughts on the heated exchanges between Sheamus and McGregor in the comment section. 


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