Joe Flacco welcomes return to Browns next season after playoffs defeat to Texans

Following the Browns’ 45-14 loss to the Texans, it appears that the Joe Flacco era in Cleveland is coming to a close. In a candid discussion on the Pardon My Take podcast, the Browns’ quarterback delved into his experiences this season and contemplated the prospect of reuniting with the franchise in the upcoming year. 

During this rare podcast appearance, Flacco not only shared insights into his time with the Browns but also touched on his future plans with the team.

Joe Flacco talks on Browns return

Joe Flaco expressed openness and stated that he is “definitely open” to returning to Cleveland after leading the team to its third playoff berth.

“Man, Cleveland was unbelievable. I’m definitely open to be back in Cleveland,” Flacco said.

The QB mentioned not wanting to rush decisions, highlighting uncertainty about the quarterback market and the upcoming season.

“At the same point, I don’t want to rush to any decisions either. I didn’t know what the market for QBs was gonna look like last spring, and I don’t know what it’s gonna look like this spring.”

The Browns recently suffered a tough wild-card loss to the Houston Texans. Despite the recent Wild Card loss, the QB conveyed a sense of renewed motivation to get back on the field.

“I can’t say enough good things about how that organization is being run right now, and the atmosphere in the building and the way that guys feel like their futures [are] headed,” the QB said. “I think it would be a very special place to be if I have the opportunity to go back there.” 

Formerly a rival with Baltimore, Flacco is now embraced by Cleveland fans who want him to stay longer.

Joe Flacco reflects on NFL career

Joe Flacco reflected on his entire NFL career, expressing the belief that it has led up to the current moment. The host asked him to describe his career and quarterback ability with a word starting with ‘E’ (Elite).

Flacco acknowledged that the word ‘Elite’ was commonly associated with him during his time with the Baltimore Ravens. Despite not having flashy stats, he mentioned winning games as the key factor, contributing to the association with the term ‘Elite.’

Flacco, who is considered underrated in the league, then expressed gratitude for being fortunate enough to join the Browns, a team ready to make a successful run. He emphasized the positive atmosphere in the locker room and the support he received from teammates and the city.

“How lucky was I to get on a team that was ready to make a run like that and to be around a bunch of great guys in the locker room,” Flacco said. “There was something special about being there and how people treated me. I felt a lot of love and my family did as well. … You could feel the excitement in the city. They are craving some playoff wins and a chance at that Super Bowl.”

He achieved notable passing statistics, helping the injury-plagued Browns secure their first playoff spot since 2020.

Joe Flacco spent the initial months of the season on his couch, staying in shape by throwing to family members. Despite quarterback injuries across the league, the QB’s phone did not ring with opportunities until mid-November.

Joe Flacco
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Joe Flacco, however, was not dwelling on the missed opportunities, emphasizing that the call from the Browns turned out to be the right opportunity at the right time.

“For me, it’s tough to think about the calls I didn’t get because I did end up getting one and it ended up being a really good one. You want to be in a good situation with good football players and good coaches. I think that’s what I was put in.”

Joe Flacco acknowledged the unpredictability of events in the league, stating that not everything makes sense. He reflected on the importance of being in a good situation with talented teammates and coaches, emphasizing that he feels fortunate to be in such a position with the Browns and that he is willing to continue it.

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