What is the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation? Everything about Patrick Mahomes’ charity

The Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is known for his exceptional football skills. The QB helped the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl last year and this year he’s on the same mission. However, besides his football prowess, the QB is also known for his kind heart. 

For those who don’t know, Mahomes has his own foundation, “15 and the Mahomies,” through which he actively gets involved in community work.

What is the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation?

In 2019, Patrick Mahomes established the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation with a dedication to enhancing children’s lives. This foundation works with a dedication to support initiatives related to health, underserved communities, and other charitable purposes. 

The QB established this foundation intending to foster positivity in the lives of young people by supporting initiatives including providing playground equipment, combating pet homelessness, and offering substantial grants to organizations like Special Olympics Missouri, Boys and Girls Clubs in Kansas City, and Lubbock, Texas.

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The “15 for 15” initiative is a central goal of the foundation, involving 15 different initiatives, each benefiting 15 individuals or organizations. Executive Director Marques Fitch underscored the positive impact sports can have on a child’s life, promoting unity and teamwork. 

“We focus on education, we focus on athletics,” Fitch explained. “We focus on the arts…those unique experiences that a lot of children we’re trying to serve would not have the opportunity to participate in.”

The foundation aims to eliminate barriers to sports participation, emphasizing the importance of being part of a team with shared experiences. The foundation’s roots and impact extend to places like Whitehouse, Texas, emphasizing the special connection Mahomes has with these communities.

Patrick Mahomes’ foundation’s ongoing commitment is evident in its continuous efforts to support various causes and he actively raises money for it.

Patrick Mahomes’ nonprofit gave children of Navy SEALs scholarships

The 15 and The Mahomies Foundation announced on Memorial Day that it would provide grant money for 15 scholarships through the Honored SEAL Legacy Scholarship Program.

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This scholarship will cover the educational costs for the children of Navy SEALs who have been wounded or died since 9/11. Since this tragic event, more than one hundred Navy SEALs have been affected by injuries or fatalities. This grant will provide financial assistance to those families dealing with the loss of their loved ones.

The press release was strategically sent on Memorial Day, emphasizing the connection between the scholarships and honoring those who have made sacrifices in service to the country. 

Patrick Mahomes expressed that providing scholarships is a privilege and a way to pay tribute to the fallen heroes who have given their lives in service to the nation.

“It is truly a privilege to support the children of the Navy SEALs through the Honored SEAL Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program,” the QB said. “The 15 and the Mahomies Foundation and I, are committed to the SEAL Creed that no one will be left behind.”

Patrick Mahomes’ continuous involvement in community work reflects the ongoing commitment of the Kansas City Chiefs and their players to civic service and community engagement.

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