Patrick Mahomes solidifies reign as top QB after sealing prestigious nod for 10th time with dominant display vs Raiders

Just days ago, Patrick Mahomes’ aunt defended him amid team struggles, attributing issues to factors beyond himself. However, Mahomes has emphatically silenced doubts with a stellar performance against the Raiders, reaffirming his status as football royalty. 

His exceptional display not only showcased his individual abilities but also earned him the title of ‘King’ from Nick Wright, a testament to his unwavering impact on the game.

Mahomes clinches 10th AFC Offensive Player of the Week award

Patrick Mahomes demonstrated his quarterback prowess in Week 12, completing 27-of-34 passes for 298 yards and two touchdowns against the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite an early 14-point deficit, the QB played a crucial role in leading the Chiefs to a dominant 31-17 victory over the Raiders, solidifying their position in the AFC West.

The win contributed significantly to the Chiefs’ pursuit of an eighth consecutive division title, showcasing Mahomes’ impact on the team’s success. Especially after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, this comeback was crucial.

This standout performance also earned Patrick Mahomes the AFC “Offensive Player of the Week” award. It’s the quarterback’s 10th time of winning this award in his career.

Patrick Mahomes
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Patrick Mahomes, with his 10th AFC “Offensive Player of the Week” award, stands as one of the top quarterbacks in this category. He notably trails only Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, and Russ Wilson in the number of such honors.

Through 11 games and 12 weeks, Mahomes has led the Chiefs to an 8-3 record, positioning them favorably for playoff contention.

Nick Wright crowns Patrick Mahomes as the “king” of QB’s

After this remarkable performance of the quarterback, Nick Wright, host of “First Things First,” emphatically declared Mahomes as the premier quarterback.

He referred to Patrick Mahomes as the “King” of quarterbacks and praised him for his consistent ability to deliver exceptional performances.

“It goes without saying: The king himself, once again, sees his team needs him and comes through as he nearly always does,” Wright said. “Another brilliant game by the best quarterback we have ever seen.”

Patrick Mahomes
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Mahomes retained the top spot in Nick Wright’s weekly quarterback ranking system, known as “Mahomes Mountain.” The QB once again got the top ranking because of his instrumental role in leading the Chiefs to their eighth victory, solidifying his status as the best quarterback.

Securing the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award for the 10th time, Mahomes cements his legacy among the league’s elite. Nick Wright’s declaration of Mahomes as the “King” further underscores the quarterback’s unrivaled impact. 

As the Chiefs navigate the season with eyes set on playoff success, Mahomes remains a formidable force, proving that his reign atop the quarterback hierarchy endures.

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