John Cena reacts to his pairing with LA Knight against The Bloodline at Fastlane

It’s been a few weeks since John Cena graced the squared circle for such an extended run late in his career, and the WWE Universe has been savoring every moment of it. Wrestling fans last saw Cena wrestle in the ring at WrestleMania 39, where he came up short against Austin Theory.

Recently, Cena has been involved in a storyline with The Bloodline, where he was left stranded and without a partner after Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso injured AJ Styles. The rumor mill went into overdrive speculating about who his possible tag-team partner could be, and the questions were answered on the latest episode of SmackDown.

John Cena addresses joining LA Knight

John Cena was left in a handicap situation when Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso attacked him on the last edition of SmackDown and it seemed like the events of the previous week were going to repeat. But as the entrance music of LA Knight hit, the crowd blew the roof off of the arena. He came to Cena’s rescue and started beating down Jimmy Uso. He proceeded to deliver a picture-perfect neckbreaker which the crowd popped to.

LA Knight then proceeded to sign the contract and John Cena’s expressions were truly one to watch. He then took to social media addressing the fans. The megastar was supposed to come to save the 16-time World Champion last week but he was ruled out of the show due to COVID-19.

WWE offered refunds to the attendees of the show due to The Megastar’s absence, which portrays how highly the Stamford-based company thinks of him. With Fastlane only one week away, the match between the two teams is poised to deliver because two of the biggest superstars in WWE are teaming up to take on The Bloodline.

John Cena and LA Knight nearly fought during Payback

John Cena announced he was going to be the host of Payback when he returned to SmackDown more than a month ago. While he didn’t compete at the event, he declared himself as the special guest referee for the match between The Miz and LA Knight where he made his presence felt.

The match itself was well-paced, and there were some moments of confusion as Cena, the special guest referee, came in the way of LA Knight. But despite all that, The Megastar came out on top and was even endorsed by the GOAT after the match. Whether it was meant to plant the seeds for something bigger between the two remains to be seen, but Fastlane is expected to deliver with such a stacked card and sold-out arena.

What will be the possible consequences within The Bloodline if Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa come up short against John Cena and LA Knight? Discuss in the comments.


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