Is Becky Lynch vs. Tegan Nox canceled following injury to NXT champ after No Mercy slugfest? Exploring the possibility

Becky Lynch engaged in an intense battle at the NXT Premium Live Event ‘No Mercy’ against Tiffany Stratton. She defended the title she had won from the Buff Barbie just a few weeks earlier, and the match was held under Extreme Rules stipulations.

Both competitors gave their all in the ring, with visible blood coming from Stratton’s forehead during the match. ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch didn’t emerge unscathed either, as it was reported that she required stitches after her bout at No Mercy.

Is Becky Lynch vs Tegan Nox canceled?

It was advertised that the winner of the Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton match at ‘No Mercy’ would go on to face Tegan Nox on Monday Night Raw. With The Man emerging victorious on Saturday, she’s now set to face Tegan Nox for the NXT Women’s Championship, only two days after their hard-fought battle.

When Big Time Becks first entered the ring to defend her title on RAW, she eagerly awaited Nox’s challenge. However, her anticipation was interrupted by Natalya, who put up a good fight but ultimately fell to The Man. In the following week, Becky encouraged Nox to seize opportunities rather than wait for them. Nox responded by defeating Natalya, entering her match against Big Time Becks with momentum.

There was an intense face-off between Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox after ‘The Man’ triumphed over Stratton in a 5-Star Classic as Nox watched the match from the crowd. It seems like the match will not be called off despite Becky getting stitched up after the match. But it is certain that Stratton has a very bright future in WWE.

Becky Lynch receives stitches after win over Tiffany Stratton

The Main Event of NXT Premium Live Event ‘No Mercy’ was filled with crazy spots as Lynch put Stratton through a table by delivering a devastating leg drop. Tiffany also went deep into her playbook and delivered two Swanton Bombs to Big Time Becks. Stratton even put Becky through the barricade in a sequence of events that you only have to see to believe.

Given it was a hard-fought battle for the NXT Women’s Championship, Sean Ross Sapp of reported that Becky Lynch had 11 stitches. Although it did feel like Tiffany Stratton outwrestled Big Time Becks throughout the match and came out looking like a star even with a loss.

With the era of N ‘Becks’ T in full flow, who do you think should be her possible opponents? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.


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