Joy Taylor brutally blasts Ben Roethlisberger over his Lamar Jackson criticism: “What the hell do you want?”

Former professional Ben Roethlisberger stole the show after his comment on Lamar Jackson, and like the common response of the majority, Fox Sports’ Joy Taylor raised her voice.

Previously, the Pittsburgh Steelers star tried to devalue Lamar by saying, “You don’t really fear Lamar’s arm, his accuracy, all the time.” Ben is always known for pulling such stunts and making blunt remarks about popular figures in the sports industry.

However, Joy, on the other hand, seemed to have had enough of these campaigns against Lamar Jackson and stuck it to the former quarterback.

Lamar Jackson

What did Joy Taylor say in support of Lamar Jackson?

The Fox Sports host became utterly furious with the Steelers star as he continued his blatant take on the 26-year-old. But this time she couldn’t hold herself any longer and lashed out in “Speak for Yourself.”

“I am really tired of this conversation around Lamar Jackson. Can we please, I am begging you. Not even on behalf of Lamar Jackson, just as a person,” the 36-year-old journalist said. “Let’s come together and let’s throw these takes in the bonfire.”

“I am so damn tired of talking about it. What the hell do you want? What do you want?” Taylor hyped up “The man has an MVP for God sakes…. He is the best running quarterback we may have ever seen in the history of sport, and he can also throw the ball.”

There’s no visible reason for Ben to go against the two-time pro bowler except the fact that the star QB is now going through a struggling phase to get a contract. His recent injury might have held his performance down a bit, but it doesn’t deserve the Steelers star’s inconsiderate comment.

Jackson scored 101 touchdowns and made 38 interceptions with a 96.7 passer rating in five years with the Baltimore Ravens. Additionally, he scored 24 touchdowns with 4,437 yards of rushing in 727 attempts.

The stat is enough to make any quarterback jealous, but finding out one tiny flaw and pulling it out doesn’t erase those. What’s your take on Ben Roethlisberger’s comment on Lamar Jackson? Do you agree with Joy Taylor?

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