Kevin Magnussen lauded his Haas team for making their car competitive despite the lack of major upgrades

Danish F1 racing driver Kevin Magnussen, 29, is leading his Haas team with superior performance than teammate Mick Schumacher and continuing to push the other teams to climb on top of the list.

Despite remaining on the latter part of the team standings, Haas driver Magnussen recently disclosed that his team management is having a great performance from the test cars.

Why did Kevin Magnussen admire his Haas Racing team?

The Danish F1 driver was once a Formula 1 superstar but now having a dry spell on his racing career and thus working for the Haas team instead of giant teams like Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes.

On the other hand, Kevin’s teammate Mick Schumacher is experiencing the spell of his career as the German driver is slowly but steadily competing with the upper ranked teams in 2022.

Both Magnussen and Mick was seen frustrated at the beginning of the ongoing season as they used to continuously criticizing their teams’ cars and engine performance.

However, after Mick’s first point on the racing driver’s category proved that Haas team’s engine performance squad is working assiduously for developing the race car engines.

Kevin Magnussen with Haas car

Even though the vehicle hasn’t received any big upgrades during the whole season, Kevin Magnussen has praised his Haas team for keeping their car competitive in the middle of the field every weekend.

Magnussen supported his team effort by quoting, “I mean, it’s very, very impressive how the car seems to be you know, the team is finding pace in the car, despite no upgrades – so I’m very happy about that.”

Kevin was then backed by Mick Schumacher as the German acknowledged that this improving situation will be effective during the French GP final race and other teams will definitely have to be more concerned about them.

As things stand, Haas team is progressing towards a good finish on the upcoming Grand prix despite remaining on the danger zone in constructor’s championship.     


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