Nick Kyrgios on all-time tennis Legends: “I played with the top 10 tennis players and made them look pretty normal”

Recent Wimbledon runner-up Nick Kyrgios, 27, enjoys attracting media attention whenever and wherever he goes, and his rash comments have piqued the interest of others on several occasions.

Nick’s home country Over the years, Australia has been blessed with numerous tennis stars, but Nick especially indicated that he had successfully played with the highest ranked players from other continents since his professional debut a few years ago.

How did Nick Kyrgios compare his tennis play with the best tennis players?

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios is well-known for awkward comments and weird behaviors, which could be seen during his latest campaign at Wimbledon this year, where he luckily finished in second place after Novak Djokovic.

According to different media, Kyrgios must be viewed as a potentially dangerous tennis player and protagonist in any competition in which he competes, and the upcoming US Open Tournament will surely experience a glimpse of his behavior in the coming days.

Nick Kyrgios

The ‘Wild Thing’ (another nickname of Kyrgios) often got criticism over his attitudes towards senior tennis superstars, but he never thought that any of his behaviors could disrespect those stars in any situation.

During an interview ahead of a previously held professional tennis tournament, Nick once said, “I played with the top 10 tennis players and made them look pretty normal.”

With the above remark, Kyrgios famously highlighted that he never gets afraid of any superior tennis players and he feels ready to play against them whenever he gets the precious opportunity.

The Aussie also emphasized good sleep and a balanced diet as these are his secrets to beating any player and also for gaining positive energy. Then he supports this notion by saying, “The key is to sleep well to make sure your body is in good shape. I am aware that if I serve and play well, I can beat anyone.” 


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