KSI ignored the team’s request to stop Logan Paul from jumping on him at WrestleMania 39 ahead of his boxing fight vs Joe Fournier

KSI, the YouTube star, music artist, and professional boxer, shocked his entire team when he ignored their pleas to stop Logan Paul from jumping on him at WrestleMania 39. The high-flying move, known as a frog splash, was aimed at Seth Rollins, but Paul missed and landed on KSI instead.

Six weeks had passed since the event and a new bout awaits KSI, against rich nightclub owner-turned-boxer Joe Fournier. Although KSI was eager to make a mark in the WWE, his crew was worried that the stunt would end in harm.

Logan Paul

KSI Takes a Leap of Faith at WrestleMania 39 But Says It’s Not for Him Unlike Logan Paul

Despite the objections from his team, KSI convinced them to go through with the stunt. “Trust me, it was hard,” he told SunSport. “But I was like, ‘Let’s do it, this is sick, I love this idea.’ That’s not groundbreaking, man. I want this to be huge.”

He and Paul, who famously fought each other in a boxing match in 2019, are now friends and business partners in the hydration drink Prime. While KSI enjoyed his brief foray into the WWE, he admitted that it’s not for him. “It’s a lot of work, man,” he confessed. “I see what Logan does, and it’s too much for me.” Yet because of his risk-taking nature and daring attitude, KSI is a force to be feared both inside and outside of the ring.

KSI’s decision to leap at WrestleMania 39 shows his brave attitude toward combat sports. With an alright record of six fights, one draw, and one victory against Logan Paul. KSI has already established himself as a decent opponent in the realm of professional boxing. In the world of professional wrestling, taking a bump, or a scripted fall, is a common occurrence.

However, the risk of injury is still very real, especially when someone the size of Logan Paul is jumping from the top rope onto you. The fact that KSI was ready to take that stunt shows how committed he is towards thrilling his audience and pushing the limits of what is practical in combat sports.


So, despite the fact that KSI thought his brief time in the WWE was too much labor, his eagerness to take chances and push the envelope of what is possible will no doubt keep his fans interested in him. Whether he’s in the ring, on social media, or branching out into new forms of entertainment, KSI looks to be a true warrior who usually doesn’t back down from a fight.

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