“That’s all it’s gonna take”: Joe Fournier sends stern warning to Logan Paul business partner KSI in viral training video

Joe Fournier, who has a 9-0 professional record, is preparing to face YouTube phenomenon turned boxer KSI in an upcoming boxing battle. In a recent viral training video, Fournier sent a menacing message to his opponent, expressing his determination to emerge victorious. Four punches “That’s all it’s gonna take,” stated Fournier confidently, likening the upcoming bout to taking candy from a baby or scoring prime from a corner shop in Hounslow.

Fournier vs KSI – Million Dollar Offers, Tears, and Knockouts Await in the Ring

Fournier, also known as ‘The Billionaire Badass’, has been making waves in the boxing world, recently offering KSI 10 million dollars to sell him Misfits, a company owned by KSI. “The next day is gonna be worth like a hundred grand. That’s true, so if you want we can go halves, we can buy it, and then you know that’s the end of Misfits because then I own the company,” joked Fournier on the Jake Paul podcast.

The fighter confidently continued, “He’s just gonna have a lot of rounds of just getting beat up, like that’s the plan. I’m gonna have a lot of rounds of really hurting you (KSI), and yeah, I hope you cry. I want to see you cry and stall. I just hope he comes to the fight for real, I don’t know if he’ll actually show up.” Fournier’s no-nonsense attitude and determination to dominate in the ring are evident as he prepares to face off against KSI.


KSI, whose boxing journey has been far from ordinary, has previously fought fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in two highly-publicized bouts, with the first ending in a draw and the second resulting in a split decision win for KSI. In addition, he has won three exhibition bouts via knockout. Fournier, on the other hand, poses a more substantial challenge for ‘The Nightmare’ due to his strong professional record, making him the most seasoned rival KSI has faced thus far.

Clash of Titans Looms as YouTube Sensations Gear Up for an Epic Showdown

As KSI prepares for the forthcoming fight, he has been putting in a lot of work during his sparring sessions. In a recent YouTube video, the Watford native shared, “Mind the eye. I did it in sparring, just a clash of heads. Training camp is going well… I’ve just been going one hundred miles an hour, in general, this year.” It’s clear that KSI is taking his upcoming match against Fournier seriously, but whether he can withstand the onslaught of punches from the confident and determined Fournier remains to be seen.

To summarize, the stage is set for an epic showdown between Joe Fournier and KSI in their upcoming boxing match. With Fournier’s unwavering confidence and impressive professional record, coupled with KSI’s determination and boxing experience, fans and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the outcome. Will Fournier’s warning of “That’s all it’s gonna take” come to fruition, or will KSI prove to be a formidable opponent? Only time will tell, and fight fans are eagerly counting down the days until these two YouTube stars turned boxers step into the ring. Get ready for an electrifying showdown that’s sure to pack a punch!

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