Lakers icon Shaquille O’Neal reacts in disappointment on controversial ranking of the best dunkers in NBA history

Shaquille O’Neal has never backed down from expressing a strong opinion regarding anything. To keep that flow going, he recently delivered another bombshell comment through social media.

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In his prime, Shaquille O’Neal led the Los Angeles Lakers to three NBA titles, three NBA Finals MVPs, one NBA MVP, and two NBA All-Star Game MVPs, earning him a spot in the Hall of Fame. His principal strength was shown in powerful drive tackles, not to mention dunks. However, a recent ranking of the best dunkers of all time does not place him high enough.

Why did Shaquille O’Neal react with disappointment?

A recent ranking showed a six-tiered pyramid ranking of the best dunkers of all time, with the 7.1-foot giant placed in tier 5. Who wants to get to witness his downfall by his own eyes on a list made by some other person? Undoubtedly, anyone having the experience of being shamed will express dissatisfaction with the list, and guess what if that one person is Shaq how would he respond to? The big man must have felt extremely offended for disparaging the ranking of this Twitter account. “Hell nawww who made this list?” he wrote.

Vince Carter, an eight-time NBA All-Star, was named the best dunker. His performance in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest was legendary and iconic. The list also included Lakers legend LeBron James and late superstar Kobe Bryant.

The 325-pound monster was known for his strength but not as much for high-flyers. Even though O’Neal slammed hard, powerful dunks that broke rims and backboards on more than one occasion.

What’s your take on this list? Do you think Shaquille O’Neal should be in the upper ranks? Write your opinions in the comment box.

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