Lakers’ LeBron James, Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes lead the charge against Elon Musk’s Twitter verification fees

Twitter is going premium as of today, charging $8 per month for verified accounts, and neither LeBron James nor Patrick Mahomes will pay that.

Over a week ago, Twitter announced the launch of their new program to keep your blue checkmark beside your name. It will cost $84 per year to subscribe to the verification feature, and not everyone seems to be appreciating the new dynamics.

Recently, in their tweets, Lebron and Patrick expressed their intention to follow the new paid feature, and the two millionaires are not supposed to pay for it.

What did Lebron James and Patrick Mahomes tweet?

Yesterday, the 38-year-old NBA star tweeted his concern over the blue checkmark on his Twitter account and wrote, “Welp, guess my blue ✔️ will be gone soon, cause if you know me, I ain’t paying the $5. 🤷🏾‍♂️”

Singing in the same tune, the recent Super Bowl champion star quarterback also refused to pay for it, but sarcastically he reasons it with him having children.

Previously, he also mocked the change in the verification system and tweeted, “When are they taking away our check?🤣”

With their expression, it seems money isn’t the issue here as they are both earning millions per month. The main reason could be that the verification has lost its significance. Previously, the blue checkmark was reserved for popular celebrities, famous personalities, and public figures.

However, with the verification now, the user will get to edit their tweets and enjoy other benefits. Elon Musk, the new CEO, introduced the feature after Twitter faced a sudden decline in revenue. It appears that James and Mahomes will not get along with the payment issue anymore.

Alongside the duo, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, comedian Jason Alexander, and others expressed their concern about the new dynamics of Twitter.

How are you feeling about the payment version of verified accounts? Do you agree with Lebron James and Patrick Mahomes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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