Watch: Russell Westbrook’s “Trash” shouts for Dillon Brooks caught live on Clippers vs Grizzlies game

The first game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies produced a handful of heat as the Clippers were able to leave the game holding the head of their star Russell Westbrook, who was looking down on the Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks.

The Clippers managed to clinch a victory over the host with a 141-132 scoreline at FedExForum on Wednesday. Both teams fought tooth and nail until the fourth quarter’s nine-point margin sealed the game for the visitors. Clippers’ Russell and Grizzlies’ Morant were the highest contributors to their teams.

However, during the second quarter, the Clippers’ point guard played mind games with Dillon, and despite there being no further altercation, the Grizzlies couldn’t return to the game anymore.

What did Russell Westbrook do to Dillon Brooks?

The 34-year-old veteran guard used all his tricks to ensure a win against the Grizzlies, and in doing so, he called the host’s forward ‘trash’ three times. The peak moments of the games were caught in the live footage while the referee nipped the thing in the bud.

The officials also needed to control the duo after the game as the nine-time NBA all-star began throwing words at the 27-year-old. He again pinch-hit the Grizzlies star to go home after winning the game at FedExForum. Westbrook scored 36 points with four rebounds and 10 assists for the Clippers.

Dillon Brooks, on the other hand, scored 30 points with six rebounds and four assists. The 6.3-foot PG, Russ expressed his feelings after the game and said, “My mindset never changes. My role may change, but my mindset doesn’t.”

The Clippers are the fifth seed in the Western Conference, and the Grizzlies already secured a place in the playoffs as they clinched the division.

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