Lakers’ Lebron James Refused Elon Musk’s $62.5 Million Estate Offer as Unfit for Him

One of the most influential Basketball players, Lebron James has been in a recovery process since March. He is enjoying his free time off the court and promises to make a speedy and stronger comeback. However, the legend was set to talk to Elon Musk about an estate which he reportedly refused saying the house is not fit according to his wants.

Upon hearing the news that James is looking for a place to buy in Beverly Hills, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has offered one of his estates to the player. After touring the place, the place was not fit for the NBA superstar and his family, sources said. 

Rumor has it that King James has chosen another mansion in the Bell Estate for 36.75 million dollars. The deal would be closed in October and after that, the 37-year-old Lakers player will turn the estate into a nice and cozy family compound. 


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