Lamar Jackson’s agent contacts other NFL teams indicating QB’s departure from Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens’ future with Lamar Jackson appears to be sealed. This was confirmed by the quarterbacks’ representative on Jackson’s site.

Jackson, the third quarterback in NFL history to win the MVP award, was selected by the Ravens as the No. 32 overall choice in the 2018 NFL Draft after the Eagles and Ravens made a trade-up. Last season, in Week 13 of the regular season, the 26-year-old quarterback suffered a PCL injury and was out for the remainder of the game.

This Seahawks-Ravens Trade Sends Lamar Jackson To Seattle

Why was Lamar Jackson labeled as nonexclusive?

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens gave quarterback Lamar Jackson the nonexclusive franchise tag, allowing him to talk to other teams. Lamar had to bear this stigma since he requested a contract with a full guarantee, similar to the one the Cleveland Browns gave to Deshaun Watson last season.

According to ESPN, The Ravens made Jackson a three-year, $133 million contract offer in September, but Jackson was not wholly satisfied with the conditions and may be looking for better ones.

Once the quarterback received a nonexclusive tag the following day, many teams appeared reluctant to sign Jackson, who is essentially in need of a quarterback.

Which team will Lamar end up on?

Recently, a source revealed that Jackson’s representative is already in a seek of a new and best landing spot for the QB. So, it can be assured, Lamar is no longer interested in the Ravens. 

Though ESPN reported about the 26-year-old demanding a fully guaranteed contract, his representative denied the fact and stated that Jackson isn’t seeking a fully guaranteed contract.

While the rumor swirling in the air about Jackson’s next destination, it seems that Colts and Vikings are ahead of trying to have the free agent on their team.

The Vikings would first need to locate the draft capital to do so, as they are already anticipated to have by over the cap before they even consider trading for Jackson. Albeit, given that they have $58 million in cap space, they might take an approach by putting Jackson on an offer sheet to make up for it.

Once more, speculations are spreading that Lamar may have found his next home with the Colts, with no team having a quarterback start multiple season openers after Andrew Luck in 2015–16.


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