Ryan Garcia, Mayweather CEO clash over Gervonta Davis rehydration “Lies” in heated argument

Negotiations between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis regarding their rehydration clause have been ongoing. In the world of boxing, the business aspect outside of the ring is just as crucial as the action inside the ring. Rematch clauses have become commonplace in major matchups. Many fighters refuse to sign without the possibility of a second bout.

This led to months of back-and-forth between Garcia and Davis in their negotiations. Despite the fact that the two lightweights had announced a verbal agreement to fight as early as November of last year. Various factors, including the rematch clause, prevented them from making the fight official until last month.

Ryan Garcia steps out from his shell

Gervonta Davis ended his affiliation with Mayweather promotions prior to his most recent bout against Hector Luis Garcia. Davis cited his desire to be independent and “stand on his own two feet” as the reason for his departure from ‘The Money Team’.

Ryan Garcia

However, despite the split, Davis expressed gratitude and affection towards Floyd Mayweather, the team, and Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions. Davis also left open the possibility of collaborating with TMT again in the future.

In anticipation of the Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis matchup, Leonard Ellerbe, in an interview with Fight Hub TV, expressed his confidence in Davis’s abilities and skill set. Predicting that he would dominate Garcia in the ring.

Rehydration clause: What is it?

Garcia had initially agreed to the terms of the fight, believing that all details had been finalized. However, Davis’ team added a surprising rehydration clause, which Garcia must adhere to. Typically, in boxing, once a fighter makes the weight limit at the weigh-in, their focus shifts to the fight itself.

However, Garcia must be cautious about his food and water intake before the fight due to the introduction of a 10-pound rehydration clause by Davis’ team. This means that if Garcia weighs 136 pounds at the weigh-in, he must enter the fight weighing 146 pounds or less. Failure to comply with this clause would result in the fight being canceled.

Trash talks because of the new clause

Trash talk between fighters is a common occurrence in the sport of boxing, serving to build hype and anticipation for the fight. However, it is not limited to just the fighters themselves. Promoters also engage in verbal sparring, particularly in high-stakes bouts.

The upcoming fight between Ryan and Davis is set to be a major promotional event, particularly for Oscar De La Hoya’s company, Golden Boy. 

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