Oscar De La Hoya claims Gervonta Davis “will need a catcher’s mask and a bodysuit to protect him” against Ryan Garcia on April 22

Gervonta Davis Vs Ryan Garcia is shaping up to be one of the biggest boxing bouts in recent years. While the fans are voicing their predictions in favour of ‘Tank’ Davis mostly, the former Olympic gold medalist and now Golden Boy promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya thinks that Gervonta needs a “bodysuit” and a “catcher’s mask” to protect himself from the wrath of Garcia.

Oscar De La Hoya claims Ryan Garcia will appear as the grim reaper for Gervonta Davis

Garcia and Davis both are undefeated, as of now. Davis has a stellar record of 28-0, with a jaw dropping 26 knockouts. Garcia, on the other hand, has a magnificent record of 23-0, 19 of which came from knockouts.

Their records are somewhat similar. However, it is very hard to keep up with Davis. “Pitbull” Cruz was the last fighter to go the distance against him. That fight back in 2021 bruised up Cruz real bad. Which is why most feel that Garcia will have to go for the kill very early in the fight.

Being a contrarian to that, Oscar feels Garcia will unleash hell on Davis. He poked at ‘Tank’ saying, “Ryan might need a bat for Gervonta, but Gervonta is going to need a catcher’s mask and a bodysuit because Ryan is going to come after him hard. It’s going to be a dogfight.”

Ryan Garcia Vs Gervonta Davis is going to be a lucrative fight

Oscar, on the other hand, is impressed by how hyped-up people are for this fight. This bout was in speculation for years. And the fans are now dying to see this go down. They have 50,000 USD ringside tickets for this fight. Oscar was left bewildered by this very fact. He has acknowledged that this fight will notch up more money than his fights, more than Canelo Alvarez’s fights and possibly even exceed Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fights.

Even though there were a lot of monetary stakes involved, Garcia was very keen to make the fight happen – claimed Oscar. There is a 146 pounds weight limit curated for the secondary check on the morning of the fight. The caveat here is the 10 pounds rehydration Claude included in the deal. Oscar claimed that Garcia could have said no to that, and still make the fight happen.

However, they were not ready to back down. Which is why they were ready to compromise as well. Like Ryan and Oscar, fans are eager for this fight as well.

Whose winning streak is going to end after this fight? Drop your predictions in the comment below.


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