Islam Makhachev is doubtful of Conor McGregor’s UFC comeback vs Michael Chandler claiming “He’s drinking too much, smoking all day”

Connor McGregor is set to lock horns with Michael Chandler sometime this year. With Connor in the headlines, people will offer their two cents regarding the fight. And this time Islam Makhachev has jumped on the bandwagon. The current UFC lightweight thinks that Connor will not go ahead with this fight.

Islam defended his lightweight championship against Alexander Volkanovski in UFC 284. He has put in the hard yards and reaped the rewards. Volkanovski, the current Featherweight champion, tried to emulate Connor. While the Australian failed to bag two titles simultaneously, Islam rose up to the occasion. Which is something Islam does not think Connor can do in his current state.

Connor McGregor
Connor McGregor showing off his massive physique

Islam is not optimistic about a Connor McGregor comeback

The fighter hailing from Dagestan knows the necessity of hard work. He was under the tutelage of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. After his untimely demise, his son Khabib Nurmagomedov has picked up the baton to coach Islam. Islam does not see the intention of perseverance in Khabib’s one of the fiercest rivals.

What irked him the most is how much Connor has been smoking and drinking. He claimed that TUF was arranged just to bring some limelight on Connor. Islam presumed the consequences of Connor’s reckless nightlife, adding that he had not fought in a very long time, “I don’t think Conor wants to fight with [Michael Chandler] because he’s drinking too much, smoking all day and he just can’t.”

Islam expresses his interest in fighting with Connor McGregor someday

Connor made his name as a featherweight. He then decided to move into lightweight, the division Islam currently fights in. Back in 2016, ‘The Notorious’ became the first person in UFC to hold double championships, defeating Eddie Alvarez.

Since then it has not been a smooth sail for Connor in this division. He lost two consecutive matches against Dustin Poirier, in the last of which he broke his leg. He currently stands at 1-3 in the featherweight division.

However, he has decided to move up to yet another division. He has seriously gained some mass and has been gaudily showing off his physique. While Connor’s physique may be desirable for a lot, the question remains whether he is fit enough to step into the octagon.

Islam does not think he is, to wit: he thinks his conditioning is not up to the mark. With that being said, Islam has expressed his intentions to fight Connor down the line. He understands that it will be a big money fight. And a fighter “has to be stupid” to turn down this big-money-fight. Islam understands that the fight will be an easy money-making machine for him.

Do you want to see Islam Makhachev fight Connor McGregor somewhere down the line?


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