Lamar Jackson’s ‘powerful’ speech receives acclaim from ex-NFL QB following new deal with Ravens

Lamar Jackson turned out to be a content of headlines of the news channels and Press conferences just after accepting a record-breaking offer worth 260 million dollars for five years with Baltimore Ravens. Following the signing process of the contract Lamar spoke to the media and answered many questions from his fans. 

Lamar Jackson’s ‘powerful’ speech 

At minicamp, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is bigger and stronger than ever: 'He looks imposing' – Baltimore Sun

When Lamar Jackson was asked by his fan about the influence and importance of his mother in his life, Lamar Jackson answered in a very beautiful answer saying to her “A huge influence on my life,”. If you are a fan of Jackson for a long time then you may know that he and his three siblings are brought up by his mother as a single parent. Yes, you have heard it right. 

Jackson also added the compliment for his mom Felicia Jones by saying, “Not wanting me to get a job, telling me to focus on football, and she going to take care of everything else. “Just seeing that it was like if she could do that, I could do anything.”

Lamar explained his mother’s efforts and said that his mother never asked “for a handout” or reached “out to people [saying], ‘I need this right here to pay my bills. I never heard her complain about anything like that. I just see her wake up early in the morning, go to work, and come back late at night from work.”

However, after Jackson called her “a superhero to me” on Twitter, the comment section of his post is filled with a lot of messages and reactions from fans and the NFL community.

Acclaim from ex-NFL QB John Harbaugh to Lamar Jackson

Ravens' John Harbaugh is truly extraordinary

After getting a lot of comments from the fans and followers, Jackson might be happy and enjoying after making a record-breaking move in the history of the NFL, then an ex-NFL QB John Harbaugh appreciated his speech and the genuine words Lamar spoke for her mother. He was very generous and hadn’t bragged anything about his achievements. After the appreciation and love shower from his fans and John Harbaugh, we can say that the level of joy has increased in Jackson’s mind. 


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