Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson’s ambitious goal for 2023 season faces hilarious reactions from NFL supports

Lamar Jackson was quite dejected for the past few days as he was expecting a trade or an extension from The Ravens. It can be face read by looking at Jackson that he was expecting something new from the Ravens and the Ravens got that and did something really unexpected and beyond the expectations of the NFL community and Lamar.

 Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson gets paid and accepts the reality of the NFL


The Ravens provided an extension to Lamar just a few hours before the NFL Draft 2023 was about to start. Nevertheless, they also made a move that will be written in the books of the history of the NFL. Jackson was offered an agreement for five years with a very handsome amount of $255 million. This offer was quite tempting and Lamar accepted it without even thinking about it.

Lamar Jackson’s tweet is faced hilarious reactions from the NFL community

 Later, When he was asked about his future goals and strategies to play for the Ravens, he shared his strategy and got hilarious reactions from the NFL community. Dov Kleiman tweeted,  Update: Lamar Jackson says he wants to throw for “6,000 yards” next season. “We’ve got the guys to do it.”


Just below the comment section of the Tweet Klieman, he also shared the video of Lamar saying the same, a lot of hilarious comments were seen where fans were sharing funny reactions. One of the fans wrote, “Is weed legal in Maryland”. 

Lamar Jackson complete wording

 “I think I told someone like Man I wanna throw for like 6,000 yards with the weapons we have.”

“And I’m not an individual award-type guy or a stat watcher, I just want to do that because no one’s ever done it and I feel like we have the weapons to do it.”

His Video saying “I want to throw 6000 yards” is also getting viral and became content for many meme pages. As they changed the context of his words and took it into a hilarious joke.



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