Sergio Perez downplays psychological warfare against Red Bull F1 teammate Max Verstappen: “We’ve both won and we are very hungry”

Sergio Perez has stated that he won’t resort to playing mind games with his teammate Max Verstappen as they compete for the Formula 1 championship in 2023. As the Red Bull RB19 has been consistently outperforming its competitors, including Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, Perez is in a strong position to challenge Verstappen, who is the reigning double champion. With a difference of only six points between them, a win in Miami would catapult Perez to the top of the Drivers’ standings for the first time in his career.

Sergio Perez

Despite the intense competition, the 33-year-old has expressed his preference for a fair and straightforward battle on the track, rather than resorting to any psychological tactics against Verstappen.

Verstappen Perez Baku

When questioned by about the possibility of using psychological tactics against Verstappen, Perez stated that he was not interested in that approach. Instead, he is focused on analyzing his performance in the previous race in Baku, identifying areas for improvement, and working with his engineers to make progress.

Sergio Perez praises Red Bull’s team approach while focusing on fair competition with Max Verstappen

According to Perez, the best way for him to win the championship is through gradual development throughout the season. As long as there is mutual respect between himself and Verstappen, Perez believes that their dynamic will remain unchanged. He emphasized that both drivers have a strong desire to win, but they share a great deal of respect for their team.

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Perez also expressed his appreciation for Red Bull’s approach to not utilizing team orders, particularly in the previous race in Azerbaijan, where both he and Verstappen were pushing hard. He believes that the team will provide him with the same level of support as they do with Verstappen, which has been evident since the beginning of the season.

Sergio Perez

Despite the potential for reliability concerns, Red Bull has allowed its drivers to race aggressively, as demonstrated in Jeddah and Baku, where both drivers pushed to the limit throughout the entire race. While there were a few close calls with the walls, Perez acknowledges that their risky approach paid off in those races, and he is grateful to have the opportunity to compete without any team orders interfering.

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