“Well, expect next time the same”: Max Verstappen bolsters anger on Mercedes’ George Russell at F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix sprint rac

During the Azerbaijan sprint race, Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance was challenged. This served as a reminder that the season may not be an easy victory for them.

George Russell of Mercedes put up a tough fight against Verstappen, refusing to back down, resulting in a heated exchange both on and off the track in Baku. Verstappen was left infuriated and warned Russell that he would be a target in future races.

Max Verstappen

The most notable event of the relatively uneventful sprint race was the intense altercation between Max Verstappen and George Russell, which followed their on-track battle. Although Verstappen finished third, the race was won by his teammate, Sergio Pérez, followed by Charles Leclerc of Ferrari in second place.

During the race, Russell, who started and finished in fourth, aggressively challenged Verstappen for third position. The two drivers competed fiercely through the opening corners, until Russell successfully overtook Max from the inside on turn three.

However, Verstappen was left feeling extremely upset by the incident. Russell made contact with his car at turn two, which caused damage to the Red Bull’s sidepods. Verstappen also felt that he was unfairly forced to the outside, resulting in a close brush with the wall at turn three.

Max Verstappen

As Verstappen and Russell exited their cars, Verstappen approached Russell and received an apology in response, with Russell blaming a lack of grip. Verstappen retorted by reminding Russell that they were all experiencing the same issue and that he needed to leave some space.

Despite being a driver with two championships and a third potentially within reach this season, Verstappen appeared to be just as upset by Russell’s audacity in challenging him as he was by the incident itself.

While Max confirmed that he and Russell had not experienced any previous issues, their first confrontation left Russell unwilling to back down and issuing a bullish response.

Max Verstappen: Heated exchange with Russell and criticism of sprint race format overshadow Azerbaijan Grand Prix sprint race

George defended his actions by stating that he and Verstappen were both there to compete and fight for their position. He was surprised by Max’s reaction , as he believed all of his moves were fair.

Russell also suggested that if the roles were reversed, he was sure that Max Verstappen would have reacted in the same way. However, his comment about Verstappen hopefully learning from the risks was quietly patronizing and could further fuel the Dutchman’s anger once he hears about it.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen had already suggested that his and Red Bull’s current dominance made them a target for teams not in the title fight. He believed that he left enough room for Russell but felt that it was difficult for other teams to avoid colliding with Red Bull cars.

Max’s comments showed his willingness to fight and revisit the incident, even though it may have little impact on the overall championship standings.

Despite leading Pérez by 13 points and having the advantage of a dominant car, Verstappen’s frustration from the incident with Russell seem to have put him in a combative mood.

He had confronted Russell and even turned his attention to F1’s authorities, expressing his opposition to the sprint race format. Max had always been critical of the format, but his latest statement was his most straightforward yet. 

Max Verstappen

However, Verstappen’s comments should be taken with a grain of salt. Although the latest version of the format has shown improvement. It is unlikely that any world champion with a dominant car would welcome changes that could potentially threaten their position.

Despite the heated exchange with Russell, it didn’t really affect Max’s race in any significant way. In fact, it was later questioned why George had defended so aggressively when he had so much to lose, as Verstappen easily overtook him.

Verstappen will start the grand prix alongside Leclerc, and it seems he is in a good position to win again. During the sprint race, Leclerc couldn’t hold off Pérez when the drag reduction system was enabled. With a healthy car, Max is expected to take the lead and win, which will undoubtedly improve his mood.

In the rest of the sprint race, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz finished fifth, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton finished seventh. Fernando Alonso finished sixth, and Lance Stroll finished eighth for Aston Martin.

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