“Patrick Mahomes sat his whole first year”: Panthers’ major Andy Dalton over Bryce Young decision has caused division among NFL fans

The NFL world has been buzzing with excitement following the Carolina Panthers’ decision to name Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback entering training camp, over highly-touted rookie Bryce Young. The move has divided opinions among fans, with some questioning the logic of having a promising young quarterback sit on the bench, while others comparing the matter to Patrick Mahomes. 

Bryce Young, who had an impressive college football career, has been selected as the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. However, despite his impressive credentials, the franchise has reportedly named Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback for the upcoming training camp. 


As a result, the decision has caused a stir among NFL fans.

Why are fans comparing it to Patrick Mahomes?

Fans took to Twitter and shared their reactions to this decision. Some fans believe that Young’s large contract makes it illogical to have him sit on the bench, while others argue that it is essential for his long-term development to take things slow. 

“You’re paying him that much to sit?”


“That’s how it works?? He’s a rookie how would he be a starter if he don’t know the playbook?”


In contrast, some believe that giving a rookie quarterback an in-game experience is the best way to help them grow.

Some have even cited the example of Patrick Mahomes, who sat out his entire rookie season before leading the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes

“This is smart. Patrick Mahomes sat his whole first year.”



Overall, the decision to name Dalton as the starting quarterback has stirred up debate among football fans. Ultimately, the success of the decision will be measured by the performance of both Dalton and Young on the field, and only time will tell whether it was the right move for the franchise. One thing is for sure, the pressure is on both quarterbacks to perform at a high level, as they carry the hopes and dreams of the Panthers and their fans for the upcoming season.

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