Henry Cejudo reveals plans on how he will celebrate after beating Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288: “I’m gonna go eat some Jamaican jerk chicken”

Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling will square off for the bantamweight gold strap in less than a day. In yesterday’s ceremonial weigh-in, Triple C revealed his plans for tomorrow’s celebration of his triumph over the Funk Master.

The former flyweight and bantamweight champion will square off against Sterling, the current bantamweight title holder, in the main event of UFC 288 tomorrow night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, in an effort to reclaim his bantamweight title.

If Henry Cejudo defeats Aljamain Sterling, how will he celebrate?

The two bantamweight competitors had a face-off one last time during the weigh-in ceremony yesterday before their showdown in the octagon. Sterling and Cejudo had a heated conversation and nearly collided. Before Dana White and other officials removed them, the two were almost about to start fighting in the heat of the moment.

The Funk Master has been threatened before by returning bantamweight kingpin Cejudo, who is aiming to end his tenure as a champion. The former two-division champion, in front of the Newark MMA fans, described his celebration strategy for beating Sterling. 

“Tomorrow night, I’m going to eat some Jamaican jerk chicken. Stay tuned, and new.” Cejudo said.

Triple C achieved just about everything a UFC fighter could hope for throughout his MMA career. Tomorrow, Henry will enter the octagon with new dynamism and a fiercer sense of competition. In a recent interview, the Olympic gold medalist talked about taking out the Funk Master.

“That’s how I feel and that’s what I’m gonna do on May 6 because Aljamain’s just not at my level and I love it. As a matter of fact, UFC actually hired me as a hitman to take this dude out.” Henry said.

Triple C still seems to have a great desire to win, perhaps even more than before. Whether he beats Aljamain Sterling and reclaims the bantamweight title or Funk Master pulls off an upset and prolongs his reign, is now the question.


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