LeBron James celebrates his latest move in $1.6bn business with son Bronny and Michael Rubin

LeBron James, the iconic NBA legend, made a groundbreaking move that sent ripples through the collectibles world. He celebrates a new chapter in his business empire alongside his son Bronny and business magnate Michael Rubin.

King James, for more than two decades after his first exclusive trading card venture with Upper Deck, finally makes an investment into the uncharted territory with Fanatics Collectibles.

LeBron James signed card gets added to Michael Rubin wish list

The iconic LeBron “The King” James is perfectly set to redefine his trading card legacy through an exclusive partnership with Fanatics Collectibles.

The multiyear deal that was recently announced not only marks the end of a more than 20-year agreement with Upper Deck but also promises a fresh start of innovation in the world of collectibles.

The company’s CEO, Michael Rubin, expressed his delight in the partnership, pressing upon a commitment to elevate the trading card hobby to great heights.

The announcement came along with the release of a unique Bowman brand card which is a dual autograph featuring King LeBron and his eldest son Bronny James, this is set to captivate collectors’ hearts starting on January 19, 2024.

The debut of a one-of-a-kind LeBron James-Bronny James 1/1 Dual Autograph card that was recently featured in the 2023–24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball collection signals the rise of a new era. This card captures a father-son basketball encounter and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

LeBron James cards expected to score big

The record-breaker LeBron James is set to hit the courts of collectibles in another groundbreaking deal with Fanatics Collectibles.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar, King James, will not only be gracing individual cards but will also share the spotlight with his eldest son and upcoming NBA star, Bronny James, in a special release.

The collaboration kicks off with a unique Bowman brand card that features a dual autograph of LeBron and his son, Bronny. This is scheduled to hit retail by January 19, 2024.

Fanatics, which is currently led by their CEO, Michael Rubin, and backed by a $31 billion sports platform, has been making strategic moves. This includes the acquisition of Topps in 2022 for a staggering $500 million, with it’s terms and conditions not yet disclosed to the public.

The Fanatics Collectibles CEO, Mike Mahan, also weighs in his take on this by letting everyone know that their “goal is to push the envelope of where the hobby can go and are excited about how our collaboration with one of the best athletes in the world will continue to ignite fan and collector passion.”

With such a great start for the youngster, Bronny James, getting his first trade cards alongside the legendary King James, will he be able to produce more of his own trade cards in the near future? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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