LeBron James exposes his teammates after creating history with Lakers

LeBron James, a name synonymous with greatness in the world of basketball, is arguably one of the greatest basketball players ever. From a young age, LeBron has worked hard on the court, impressing people with his outstanding performances. In February 2002, James, then a junior at St. Vincent-St. Mary High in Akron, found himself featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

“The Chosen One” was emphasized in red and bolded in capital letters in the headline. Since then, LeBron has surpassed several expectations and proven to be worthy of the hype. He recently added another major achievement to his already long list.

LeBron James hilariously exposes his teammates

In Las Vegas, Los Angeles defeated the Indiana Pacers to win the first-ever NBA In-Season Tournament. Every fan who has watched the competition with devotion knows that the winning team’s players receive bonuses totaling $500,000.

In a hilarious revelation, James stated that his Lakers teammates, especially the younger ones, were thrilled about the winnings. They were so excited about the victory that their first question to him after he came off the floor was not one of celebration and enjoyment.

“The first question they asked me when I came off [the floor], was like, ‘So, when do we get our money?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know!’” James revealed, sending the fans at T-Mobile Arena to laughter.

It turns out that many NBA players were highly motivated by the prize money, which is rather understandable. After all, there are several players on the Lakers alone whose base salary is $2 million below.

Therefore, having an additional $500,000 in cash is undoubtedly a sizable sum of money. Hopefully, though, Adam Silver and Co. give LeBron James and the Lakers their money sooner rather than later.

LeBron James adds to his ever-growing legacy

LeBron James, the 38 year old NBA maestro, has made yet another addition to his ever growing legacy by helping his team win the NBA In-Season championship. LeBron finished the game with 24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals and was named the In-Season tournament MVP.

The entire Lakers Nation is filled with happiness and pride and is celebrating their team’s victory. Although the victory was a result of the combined efforts of the entire team, LeBron’s spectacular leadership played a crucial role in it.

LeBron boasts four championship rings, 2 for the Miami Heat, 1 for the Cleveland Cavaliers and 1 for his current team the Los Angeles Lakers. He has won at least one championship for all the teams he has played for in his career.

Additionally, his 4 MVP and 4 finals MVP awards bear testament to his greatness. By winning the inaugural In-Season tournament and another MVP award, LeBron has yet again etched his name in the annals of basketball history.

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