Grizzlies suffer blowout loss to Lakers after LeBron James’ mesmerizing dance routine

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is not only one of the greatest basketball players, but also one of the greatest athletes to ever exist. He is a dominating presence on the court and his game speaks for itself.

LeBron spends a sum of $1.5 million every year to keep his physique in peak condition. He practices hard and with sincerity and dedication. LeBron never fails to impress and entertain his fans and one of the ways he does it is by his sick dance moves.

LeBron wows fans with incredible pre-game dance moves

There are many things that King James will be remembered for. The man embodies many qualities; he is the Chosen One, the King, the GOAT, and much more. Most people probably wouldn’t add a dancer to this. However, Bron enjoys music and dancing just as much as the next best thing.

LeBron has shown off his dancing skills on numerous occasions over the years. LeBron recently wowed fans with his incredible dance moves prior to the Lakers game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

2016 was one of the first years that the L-Train dazzled the world with his flawless moves for a full year. LeBron James, or his friends, uploaded a ton of dance videos to Twitter between March and December. One of the first would be the dance-off at East Practice between LeBron, Shaq, and Dwight during the 2007 All-Star Weekend. Since then, he has accepted his position as the NBA’s dance master with all of his heart unexpectedly bursting into unplanned dance moves every time. In any case, it’s adored by fans everywhere.

LeBron is loved not just because of his exceptional basketball skills but also because of his fun loving and joyful character. He works hard and plays hard, and also finds time to relax and enjoy despite his busy schedule.

Lakers dominate as Grizzlies’ defense crumbles in lopsided contest

With a 134-107 victory over the visiting Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday, D’Angelo Russell scored 24 points, Rui Hachimura added 23, and the Los Angeles Lakers extended their winning streak to three games. They also improved to 2-0 in the NBA in-season tournament. The growing connection between LeBron and Hachimura seems to be a boon for the gold and purple.

The Lakers tied the franchise record with 22 3-pointers made, led by 19 points and 11 rebounds from Anthony Davis, and 16 points apiece from LeBron James and Austin Reaves. Russell made 6 of 8 shots from distance for the Lakers, who shot 22 of 35 (62.9%).

The Lakers led by 23 points at the half after outrebounding the Grizzlies 54–33. Memphis gave up 74 points in the first half and was never able to cut the deficit to less than 15 points in the second half. The Lakers performed really well and were able to score with ease as the Grizzlies’ defense collapsed. Marcus Smart suffered an ankle injury in the 1st quarter and was not able to return to the game.

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