LeBron James feels he is “not obligated to speak about everything” using his massive platform

LeBron “King” James is renowned for his massive social media platform with 51.5 million followers on his official Twitter account. His social media presence is so well established that if he tweets something while spectating a live match, his tweet shows up on TV right away!.

The newly crowned Billionaire has inspired, motivated, supported, and spread awareness with his massive platform. What makes him a King is that he selects his engagements painstakingly. For instance, he is aware of whom to support, where to put his opinion, if his opinion is needed or not, and so on.

Lebron said, “I mean, some of the things is definitely right now. You know if things happen, and I feel like it hit home to me, and I feel it in my gut and my heart, like if its something happens in a black community no matter if its in my hometown of Akron or Los Angeles, or Shreveport, Louisiana whatever the case may be, you know I‘ll speak about it right away.”

Skip Bayless the host of Undisputed and one of the biggest critics of King James, has bashed James plenty of times. Bayless thinks LeBron is impulsive and unaware of his actions.

A few days ago, Skip Bayless compared LeBron and Kevin Durant with Michael Jordan by saying, “I covered Jordan he did not care what anybody said about him because they were irrelevant, he just went out and shut them up on the basketball court so I agree with you this is Kevin Durant Esque because KD’s the thinnest skin superstar I have ever seen, he’s got burner accounts to defend himself and Lebron is creeping into that territory.”

However, today LeBron James was calm throughout the conversation and didn’t show any signs of impulsiveness. Additionally, He proved his doubters and critics wrong again by showing signs of a true King!.

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