LeBron James’ vivid “real as hell” dream rendition of facing Michael Jordan in championship game rocks internet amid foot injury recovery

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is widely known as a frequent Twitter user, like a teenage millennial, updating statuses on various topics often every day.

The Lakers star also uses his social media platforms to influence, encourage, and point out anomalies. His Twitter account draws 52.8 million followers, while he acquired 147 million followers on Instagram.

In a recent post on Sunday morning, LeBron shattered the media bubble by sharing an incident he dreamt about the night before.

What did LeBron James dream about?

On Sunday morning, the 28-year-old shared a bizarre and entertaining dream he had the night before on Twitter. He dreamt of playing against the NBA superstar legend Michael Jordan in a national championship game.

“Just woke up from having a dream that MJ and I was shooting the sh*+ back and forth at the Men’s National Championship game between North Carolina/Duke!” the NBA star tweeted.

“Great vibes and EPIC CLASSIC GAME! It was a tie game/94-94/5 secs left/NC with the ball. My ass would wake up to use the bathroom right before seeing the ending of the game. 🤦🏾‍♂️. Happens all the time. Never get to the end. Anyways felt real as hell. Lol. Gm everyone 😁” King James wrote.

The NBA community went bonkers after fantasizing about LeBron’s dream for the rest of the day waking. From the 90’s kids to the recent generation, basketball enthusiasts are divided into two groups- Jordan’s and James’.

Moreover, if we focus on the duo’s achievements in their career, we would be even more enthralled to watch this dream come true. As a basketball fan, the four-time NBA champion himself would be excited to face the Highness.

What would be your feeling if you had a chance this dream LeBron James’ dream? Which one of them would you support? Leave your opinion in the comment section. 

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