Leon Edwards takes brutal jab at Kamaru Usman ahead of trilogy bout at UFC 286

Leon Edwards is confident that a victory over Kamaru Usman will prompt the former champion to retire from MMA. Ahead of their upcoming trilogy match at the main event of UFC 286 in London, The two fighters previously faced off in August.

With Edwards claiming the welterweight championship after a fifth-round head kick knockout. With their rematch just around the corner, Leon has stated that he will provide Usman with the opportunity to end his career on a high note after UFC 286.

“Our mentalities are in two different places. I feel like he’s on his way out. I was going to open the door for him. Give him another path to follow his fashion dreams and follow wherever he wants to go,” Edwards said at UFC 286 media day. “I think he’s already got one, something’s out the door and I was going to add to that. Whether he retires after or not, it’s up to him.”

Leon Edwards Vs Usman

Despite not having discussed his retirement plans, Usman remains steadfast that Leon will not be the reason for him to end his career after their match on Saturday. Kamaru is determined to prove that he is the superior fighter and intends to defeat Edwards to reclaim his title and start a new championship streak.

Leon Edwards Vs Kamaru Usman: The Trilogy Intensifies 

“He’s going to open the door for me because I’m the king. He’s going to open the door for me to talk through and I’m going to tell him he can come in now,” Usman responded to Edwards at media day.

Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards 2 fight card

At present, Kamaru is the favorite to win his match against Leon at UFC 286. However, both fighters are highly confident that they will emerge victorious. If Edwards is proven correct, it may mark the end of Usman’s fighting career.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that Usman will retire from MMA if he loses to Edwards at UFC 286?

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