Lewis Hamilton Drops truth bomb on Red Bull’s Max Verstappen’s F1 supremacy: “There’s nothing I can do”

Winning their 100th race in their 18 years in Formula 1 in the Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s dominance only seems to be growing. It seems like the team will continue their supremacy throughout the 2023 season, and 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton is not frustrated by it.

After accurately predicting the outcome of the race, the Mercedes driver found himself in a thrilling battle with Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso exchanging positions multiple times in the race. The British driver found himself back at P3 at the chequered flag after failing to stay ahead of the spritely Aston Martin driver.

Lewis Hamilton’s views on Red Bull supremacy

The Milton Keynes-based team has won all 8 races in the 2023 season so far and has won both the Constructors’ and Drivers’ in 2022 with relative ease. The team’s current period of success seems to mirror the dominance Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton had from 2014 to 2020 when the German team won all titles during the period.

After the 2021 regulation changes brought out a completely new F1 car, the Mercedes team seems to have lost its competitiveness, making it the longest winless streak the 7-time world champion has had since his debut in 2007.

Hamilton, however, remains calm about the fact that he is unable to race the Dutch driver anymore. “It’s not a frustration anymore, if it ever was,” said Hamilton.

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He further added, “You know how it is, and you know what you’re faced with, and there’s nothing I can do about their amazing performance.”

Lewis seems sure Red Bull will win every race this year if Aston Martin and Mercedes fail to extract a better performance from their cars, or if a Red Bull car somehow fails to cross the line.

“I reckon [Red Bull] are already working on next year’s car, so we need to take our eye a little off the ball and focus on next year also,” said the British driver.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s rivalry

The duo has been the highlight of rivalry in this era of the sport, many speculated that Mercedes had their downfall coming very soon after Lewis won his 7th world title in 2020.

In the 2021 season, both drivers fought wing to wing until the last race at the Yas Marina Circuit in the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where Max overtook the Mercedes driver on the final lap to win his first Driver’ title. Putting an end to the 7-year supremacy the Silver Arrows had.

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Lewis can only hope that upgrades to his W14 would bring back the exhilarating racing we saw in 2021, with the British driver accepting that they lack the pace to catch up to the energy drink-backed team as of now.

What are your thoughts on their rivalry? Do you think Red Bull will continue to win every race this season? Share your opinions in the comment section below.


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