Packers QB Jordan Love’s Father’s Day post receives hilarious roasts from NFL community: “Thanks son”

Jordan Love the promising new quarterback for the Green Bay Packers is once again amongst the headlines and it is not because of his “quarterback takeover” after the Aaron Rodgers era.

Rather, Love is seen to be trolled on the internet for what seemed to be a ‘failed joke’ on the occasion of Father’s Day. 

Packer QB Jordan Love’s Father’s Day Joke Backfired

Jordan Love is just 24 years old but has had a history of great exhibitions and progress in the games taking place in recent years. Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears are known to have an old and bitter rivalry that has often been seen to flame up at times.  On this occasion, the Bears’ fans got the opportunity to troll the Packers’ quarterback.

However, the joke only backfired on Love as he mocked the team in one of his recent tweets. 

The joke went – “Happy Father’s Day to all the Bears fans out there. Go Pack go.” What then? It took no time to spread like wildfire and the fans got confused with this post. Love intended to say that he was the father of the Bears. However, what it sounded like was that the Bears were his father. Since then, a storm of trolls has been seen to wreak havoc on the internet, pulling Love’s leg.

NFL community brutally roasted Jordan Love over Father’s Day post

Fans who closely follow the Bears could not have spared the tweet by Jordan Love. As soon as the post set its foot on the Internet, the hashtags started playing.

Within no time, Love was in talk once again and the rivalry in a way, also got a tad fueled up. Fans could not help but write – “We are Jordan Love’s father. Thanks, son. Have a good day.”

While another fan replied to the first one and wrote, “Buddy clearly doesn’t know how family tree works”

A fan understood what Jordan was trying to indicate but failed miserably and so the fan wrote, “it pains me cuz ik what he’s trying to get at, but he made himself just look slow in the head.”

Some of the trolls were humorous while the others were biting sharp. A fan also wrote about being confident for the Bears for the upcoming matches. 

Some fans of the Green Bay Packers have been trying to defend their quarterback Love, however, it appears to be all bootless against the perpetual bombardment of trolls and memes. 

Although Love has been a part of a long journey in the NFL, he is yet to take the field against the Bears. It is now left up to the fans to decide how wrong Love or his tweet went in their eyes. 

The coaches and the other players have been seen to back Love up, calling him often as a potent and great quarterback. Irrespective of how wrong the tweet went, it definitely pulled Love into an abyss of controversy. 


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