Logan Paul brushes off Gunther’s challenge, saying ‘get in line’ for the WWE showdown

In the short time since he signed with WWE in January 2019, Gunther has established himself as a legend of the company. The public is eager to see whether anybody can surpass him. Gunther has made no secret of his ambition to go up against Logan Paul in the WWE, but Logan said to “Get in line.”

Gunther recognizes that even though the wrestling mat is sacrosanct to him, popular wrestlers like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny are enthusiastic about their work. When Logan Paul beat a Hall of Famer to win his first US title, he shot to prominence. For this reason, Gunther looks forward to facing The Maverick with true pleasure.

Gunther said he would love to do a match with Logan Paul

Logan Paul has been boldly showcasing his United States Championship since winning it at Crown Jewel. He even carried it to UFC 295 with him, and pictures of him in the shower with the belt have gone viral. There is now discussion that Gunther may be the next opponent for Logan.

Logan Paul
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Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has been unbeatable since he was promoted to the main roster a year ago. He has lately stated a desire to compete against Logan Paul. Gunther was impressed with Paul’s performance in the ring and commended his athleticism, charm, and mic abilities.

Gunther said that even “The Ring General” respects Paul in the WWE locker room. Gunther wanted to fight Logan Paul when he appeared on The Masked Man Show. It will be interesting to see how this scenario develops over the next several days.

Logan Paul responds to Gunther’s challenges

The Masked Man Show recently included an interview with “The Ring General” who spoke with David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide. Gunther praised Logan and Bad Bunny for their dedication to the sport.

The challenge to fight Logan was made by Gunther. In 2023, Logan Paul made appearances on both RAW and SmackDown, and he might return to RAW to challenge the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion.

Logan Paul
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Nonetheless, Logan is making other preparations. In response to Gunther’s inquiry, he said that many WWE Superstars would jump at the opportunity to battle him. Logan sent Gunther a tweet demanding that he should “Get in Line.”

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