LSU RB Trey Holly issues statement following arrest for attempted murder

LSU running back Trey Holly recently issued a statement after he was arrested on Thursday. Reportedly, the RB was involved in a shooting that took place on February 9 in his hometown of Farmerville, La.

While no more update about the case has been provided yet, the RB himself took to social media to clarify his name.

Trey Holly issues statement following arrest

Trey Holly recently took to social media to assert his innocence, claiming that the charges of second-degree attempted murder against him were false. However, this statement is controversial given that he turned himself in just a few days prior.

Holly was accused of second-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage to property, and illegal use of a weapon. Additionally, two more individuals were arrested in connection with the incident. But Trey Holly shared that this whole situation is mistaken, and he is innocent. 

“As you guys know I was recently arrested on 3 felony charges. I have been falsely identified, accused, and arrested. I am 100% innocent and the people that know me know this is not my character at all. I was not involved in the incident at all,” Holly wrote on Facebook.

He further explained that during the incident, he was at his home and turned himself in only to cooperate with the police and not because he was guilty.

“I was at home which is where the incident took place. I turned myself in because I was notified of an arrest warrant and I wanted to fully cooperate.”

The running back also emphasized that because of the case’s confidentiality, he couldn’t share more details at the moment and apologized to his fans for the confusion caused because of this incident. 

“Due to this being an ongoing investigation, I cannot give many details. To my fans I’m sorry for the confusion but you guys know this is not me at all. I will come back better than ever and I look forward to proving my innocence.”

The case is still under investigation and Holly Trey is yet to be proven innocent by the law.

LSU’s stance over Trey Holly charges

ESPN’s journalist Pete Thamel shared that LSU, whose one star played with Shaq, is aware of the ongoing legal investigation and arrest of Trey Holly. The team has indefinitely suspended the RB from the program.

They released a brief statement stating that they are “aware that a student-athlete has been arrested in relation to a shooting in Union Parish.” LSU said that the athlete has been “suspended indefinitely from all team activities.”

Trey Holly
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Trey Holly is currently facing three charges which include attempted second-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage to property, and illegal use of a weapon. Therefore, the team had to suspend him until the investigation was over.

The consequences of this investigation can be severe. If the RB is proven guilty fans might never see him again with the LSU Tigers. It has happened with college players before. However, if as Holly Trey said he is innocent, then he won’t face any consequences.

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