Leaked text from Brittany Mahomes shows Patrick Mahomes’ true colors

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in Las Vegas. In the regular season, they were not considered the best team because of issues like injuries and average performance.

The team still won the Lombardi Trophy in overtime, marking their second consecutive Super Bowl championship. While for fans, it came as a surprise, Brittany Mahomes recently shared text messages from her husband, which revealed a great characteristic of the QB. 

Patrick Mahomes’ text to Brittany shows his mindset

Three days after Patrick Mahomes won his third Super Bowl, Brittany Mahomes shared screenshots of a private chat with her husband. The text was sent over a month ago in which the QB told his wife he would win the Super Bowl LVIII. 

“I decided we are going to win the Super Bowl,” Mahomes said in the text on January 5, two days before the Chiefs ended the regular season by defeating the Chargers.

This text shows that while the team was grappling with issues, Mahomes’ mindset was clear about what he wanted. 

Brittany shared another message that was sent by the QB on January 28, in which once again he talked about going to Las Vegas for the final championship. 

“I’ll see y’all in Vegas I’m not done,” he sent the message the day the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC title.

Everything that the QB said he did. He led his team to the Super Bowl, defeated the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium, and won the coveted title of Super Bowl champions. 

This is not the first time it has happened. Even when a Netflix series “Quarterback” was revealed, Patrick Mahomes said that last year he rented an Airbnb for his family in Arizona before he even knew that he was going to play in the Super Bowl. It just shows how determined and steer-focused the quarterback is. 

Mahomes couple visit injured children at hospital 

After the Super Bowl LVIII, a mass shooting started during the Chiefs Parade on Wednesday which resulted in the death of a 44-year-old woman named Lisa Lopez-Galvan and 22 people injured, of whom half were children. 

After this tragedy, the Kansas City Chiefs and many of its players started initiatives like fundraising to help the victims of this incident. During this incident, Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s cousin’s two daughters also got injured and are currently in Children’s Mercy Hospital. 

Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, went to meet them. The pictures of the QB and his wife, along with two injured girls in the hospital, were shared. The girls are young, aged 8 and 10, and got shot in the leg. 

Patrick Mahomes

Their family, the Reyes family, shared a statement clarifying that they are doing better now and shared gratitude for Patrick Mahomes and his wife.

“We want to give a personal thank you to the staff of Children’s Mercy Hospital and Patrick & Brittany Mahomes for their outpouring care, love, and support,” the family said.

The QB and his wife also initiated a fundraising for the family and donated $50,000 for them. Patrick Mahomes is not only an exceptional player but also a great human being, as evidenced by his charity work and community services.

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