Patrick Mahomes and Brittany checkup on Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting victims at Children’s Mercy Hospital

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration turned into a life-and-death situation on Wednesday after a mass shooting started during the parade. The Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, famous for his community services, didn’t disappoint and came forward to help the families in every way possible. 

The incident resulted in multiple injuries and even death of a fan. While the whole NFL community including Taylor Swift is helping the families of victims, the QB took some great initiatives.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany visit children’s hospital

During the Super Bowl Parade Shooting, one 44-year-old woman Lisa Lopez-Galvan died, and 22 others were injured. Out of the injured people, nine were children. Recently, the back-to-back Super Bowl champ, along with his wife Brittany Mahomes, paid a visit to the two daughters of Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s cousin. 

The two girls, aged 10 and 8, were present at the location where the shooting occurred and sustained injuries as a result. Fortunately, they are now out of danger and are recovering at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

On Friday, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany visited them at the hospital. Pictures were shared of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany with the Reyes family. The girls sustained gunshot wounds to their legs, and the QB ensured to offer them support during this challenging time.

The family released a statement stating that their daughters are making “good progress” in their recovery.

Fans appreciated the QB and his wife for this kind gesture but that’s not all. Patrick Mahomes is doing much more for the affected families than just visiting them.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany donated $50k to victims

Patrick Mahomes collaborated with United Way to launch an emergency fundraiser for victims of Super Bowl Parade Shooting. The QB announced his initiative on a social media post with the caption, “Just like ChiefsKingdom has always been there for me and my family, we want to be there for them.”

Patrick Mahomes
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Due to Patrick Mahomes’ influence, within six hours of the campaign’s launch, it had raised over $500,000. The Chiefs and the Hunt Family Foundation also made a significant contribution of $200,000 to the campaign.

“Funds raised will first and foremost go to support the victims and their families,” Chris Rosson, CEO of United Way of Greater Kansas City, wrote on the fundraiser site.

He also added that this money will be used for “violence prevention and recovery organizations, including mental health support services.”

A few hours after Patrick Mahomes visited Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s cousin’s daughters in the hospital, it was reported that the QB and his wife also donated $50,000 to the families affected by the mass shooting during the Super Bowl Parade.

The Mahomes family is making significant efforts to support the victims of the Super Bowl Parade Shooting. While financial assistance cannot bring back those who have lost their lives, it can provide substantial help to the injured and to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan as they cope with their loss.

These donations will help the victims, but it is equally important to arrest those responsible for the incident and take strict measures to prevent such tragedy in the future.

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