Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting: who is Lisa Lopez killed in it?

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the coveted Super Bowl Championship, the celebrations were in full swing. For the Chiefs parade, nearly one million fans gathered at the city’s Union Station on Wednesday. But unfortunately, after the speeches, a mass shooting started.

Later it was reported that several got injured and unfortunately one person, Lisa Lopez, died at the Chiefs parade shooting.

Who is Lisa Lopez, victim in Chiefs SB parade shooting?

Lisa Lopez was in her 40s and lived with her husband and two kids in Shawnee. She worked as a disc jockey for community radio station KKFI and as the co-host of Tejano Tuesday. A friend described Lisa Lopez-Galvan as the “most wonderful, beautiful person.”

Lisa Lopez was identified as one of the several people to get injured at the Chiefs parade shooting. It was reported that she was shot in her abdomen and was transferred to a local hospital for surgery.

Chiefs parade shooting
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One of her employers later confirmed her death on KKFI 90.1 FM per reports.

“It is with sincere sadness and an extremely heavy and broken heart that we let our community know that KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez, host of Taste of Tejano lost her life today in the shooting at the KC Chiefs’ rally,” they said in a statement.

It was also reported that her one son and two cousins also got injured because of the Chiefs parade shooting. Several Chiefs players took to social media to share remorse on this incident including Patrick Mahomes and the TE Travis Kelce.

Mahomes wrote, “Praying for Kansas City” while Travis Kelce wrote, “My heart is with all who came out to celebrate with us and have been affected.” 

Police have confirmed that the investigation has been started against those involved in the Chiefs parade shooting. They also reported that they had already taken three people into custody.

Marcus Spears, Adam Schefter, Louis Riddick reflect on the Chiefs parade shooting

ESPN’s NFL Live aired on Wednesday afternoon as usual, but the expert panelists had to abruptly shift their focus from celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win to addressing the Chiefs parade shooting.

Host Laura Rutledge and analysts expressed dismay at the prevalence of gun-related violence and called for societal change to address the issue.

Chiefs parade shooting
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Adam Schefter, a top NFL news-breaker for ESPN, voiced disgust and frustration, highlighting the frequency of such incidents across the country.

“These images are happening everywhere — all the time, every day, every week — in this country. It’s disgusting. It’s sickening. It’s enough. How many times do we have to see this everywhere?”

Marcus Spears made pointed remarks, suggesting that the cycle of discussing gun control, offering prayers, and then moving on to the next topic is all too familiar.

“When I first heard it, you know what I thought, unfortunately, is this is who we are. This is who we are. So, now the ever-revolving cycle is going to start. The news outlets will talk about gun control. They’ll have politicians from either side to talk about what needs to be done…And then we’ll have a ‘prayer’s up,’ I’m sure that’s what’s happening right now.”

Louis Riddick emphasized the need to break this cycle, questioning society’s numbness and callousness towards such violence.

“You know what? We’ll hear people say: ‘It’s not the guns; it’s the people. It’s not the guns; it’s the people.’ Okay, I’ve heard that so much that I don’t even really know where to go with that at this point.”

Riddick urged people to reflect on their actions and attitudes, questioning why individuals feel the need to be armed even during celebratory events like the Chiefs’ parade.

It was a sickening incident for everyone, and it is high time that strict measures are taken to prevent such situations in the future. Lisa Lopez was a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and faced such a tragic death. It is extremely important to punish those responsible for this heartbreaking incident.

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