Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend wows soccer fans with her spicy dance moves

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the news in recent times with his former manager talking about him in an interview with Rio Ferdinand. The player was also awarded three Globe Soccer Awards 2024 for the new year last month.

But this time, it seems like it’s time for his girlfriend to go viral on the internet and be on the news for a couple of days after her recent activity on social media went viral, compelling fans to just be wowed.

Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend’s stunning dance moves

A recently uploaded video on Instagram via CR7’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez’s account has left the fans awestruck by the model’s dance moves. The video shows the model showing off her Italian dance moves, which are as graceful as she is.

This video has invited fans from all around the world to express their opinions regarding the dance moves and the fans have not felt shy about doing that. One of them went and wrote how happy the model looked in the video, enjoying her dance to the fullest extent.

“She’s happier than anything.”

Others have been in awe of her dance moves despite being just beginners. One of them even said that she was doing wonderfully well despite being a beginner.

“Georgina has a long way to go yet to move like u !!!”

This video came to light after her past relationship was recently revealed by her ex-boyfriend via a TV show. Those reports have yet to be confirmed by any reliable sources or by the model herself.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t marry Georgina Rodriguez?

The reason Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez haven’t tied the knot is a mystery to all of their fans, even though they’ve been dating since 2016 and have kids together.

But according to the couple, they believe that they are already married in the eyes of God, and other things don’t matter to them as it is not their priority right now although, a future ceremony is certainly a possibility.

In March 2023, Georgina, who met CR7 at a Gucci store where she was working as a sales assistant, expressed her views on their relationship.

“It was love at first sight for both of us. I really couldn’t be more married. Cristiano and I are married in the eyes of God, that’s all that matters to me. He protects us and keeps us together. One day though, a ceremony will follow.”

But it is not just Georgina who has expressed her love for the CR7 to the public. Cristiano Ronaldo has also expressed his love for Gio on many occasions.

“I didn’t think at the beginning that would be this strong. That I would fall in love with her. I didn’t expect it honestly. But after a while, I felt that she was the woman of my life.”

The love between the two has been evident to every fan around the world and an official marriage ceremony could likely follow soon despite their recent disputes last year, which were later clarified by CR7’s mother as normal fights between every couple. It is no big deal to be so mindful about and it certainly seems to be the case now.


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